Soka With Her 2020: A Celebration Of The Caribbean Feminine

Written by: Nekisha Cyrus

Carnival is Woman!

Our Soca Queens were represented in their full feminine slaying power at the new premier feting experience ‘Soka With Her’ on Friday 7th February 2020, at the Jean Pierre Complex. This event not only showcased the Queens and Princesses of Soca, but also celebrated them for their unparalleled contribution to the art form throughout the years.

With an amazing cast featuring Top Female Soca Stars such as Fay Ann Lyons, Nadia Batson, Alison Hinds, Destra Garcia, Patrice Roberts and many others, female patrons came out in their full force to fete the night away. It was a night where the unique beauty, talent and sexiness of the Caribbean female was not only center stage but was also prevalent in the crowd. Accompanying the Queens, the Soca Kings were also there in the mix, supporting the night of woman empowerment. The Male lineup included Olatunji, Voice, Problem Child, Skinny Fabulous, Mr. Killa, and Bunji Garlin.



Memorable moments were rampant throughout the night as the Divas did not disappoint with their fashion statements and the undeniable talent witnessed by those fortunate to be there. Even the Celebrity Hosts, Radio Personalities Whitney Husband and Nikki Crosby were very effective delivering entertaining comedic relief during the night.


Hosts- Whitney Husbands & Nikki Crosby

 Hosts- Whitney Husbands & Nikki Crosby


The night was also filled with many nostalgic trips down memory lane as the Queens of Soca had the audience dancing and singing to classics which made them popular.

Soca Queen, Destra Garcia showed us why they call her the Queen of Bacchanal performing hits like ‘Rum & Soca’, ‘Just a little bit’ and many more (see video at the top of article). Not to mention our Soca Queen Patsy, Patrice Roberts who brought the sexy to the stage performing her hits like ‘Carry On’, ‘I Like it Hot’ and others.



Nadia Batson surely brought the sass with her band. The Queen of Sass performed her ladies anthem like ‘Fatt’, ‘Manager’ and many more.  She later invited fellow band member and talented soca songstress Terri Lyons to performed her hits ‘I am Lion’ and ‘Cyah Stop Moving’.





Like only Fay Ann Lyons could, the Viqueen of Soca commanded the stage bringing patrons to their feet, while performing hits like ‘Raze’, ‘Heavy T Bumper’ and more. She later invited the Viking, Bunji Garlin to the stage for an epic performance before they brought down the curtain on this magical night.  Patrons were also in for a treat as they invited the crowd to join them on stage while they performed near to the end of the night.



The Soca Princesses Nailah Blackman, Nessa Preppy and more also represented well. You can check out more from our ‘Soka with Her’ coverage on our YouTube channel-


Whether you’re a young diva or aging fine like wine, this night definitely had something in store for all to appreciate. We at CEH will like to commend Carnival Event Powerhouse, Randy Glasgow Productions for putting on yet another spectacular event, and we’re already anticipating what next year will bring.


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