The Future Of Soca & Calypso In Guyana Is In Good Hands

Written by: Jamel Grahame

This weekend saw the virtual airing of the junior and senior monarchs and it was quite the spectacle as the newcomers painted an undeniably brilliant future of the local music industry.  While much of the fanfare surrounded the senior categories, the junior categories also came through with some major excitement. While the seniors had what is being dubbed one of the most epic battles to ever be witnessed in monarch history, the juniors showed that they are ready to take it to the next level as well.

First-time contestant OKC took home the crown in both the junior calypso and soca monarch and understandably took the prize for the best newcomer as well. OKC in a pre-competition interview with Caribbean Entertainment Hub expressed varying levels of confidence at winning both competitions and pledged to give it his all in a bid to cop the coveted crown. His Soca entitled ‘Brawling’ factors the Coronavirus pandemic and how the lockdown has left a thirst within the populous for entertainment and the “just got out of jail feeling” that it emits when outside reopens.  His calypso is entitled ‘Polos and Ts’ the song brings a modern perspective to the social commentary geared genre usually dominated by political satire.

When asked about the inspiration for this OKC stated that he wants to revive the calypso art form. He sighted that calypso is losing favor with younger audiences but hopes that with more modern and relatable topics he can attract millennials to the genre and preserve its future.

Runners up to OKC included young Akeem Alexander who took third in both competitions this would be Akeem Alexanderthe 21-year-old’s last time competing as a junior and he wanted to leave his mark on the competition. In a pre-competition interview with the Hub, the confident young artiste expressed feelings of exhaustion from what he described as his hardest training regiment. His calypso features themes of child abuse from the perspective of a child, while his Soca like many others refers to the ongoing global pandemic with a reflective look at life before the pandemic.  Young Alexander sounded an official warning to the titans of the senior class since he will be contesting as a senior from next year. He stated that he is looking forward to competing with many of the artistes that inspired him and shaped him into the artiste he is today.

We at Caribbean Entertainment Hub wish to congratulate all the young talent that continues to show that Guyana’s entertainment is in good hands. The future of soca and calypso in the ‘land of many waters’ looks bright. We look forward to keeping you our faithful readers frequently updated as the Guyana story unfolds.


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