Sevana: New Flavor Of Reggae

Written by: Taneika Thomas

Hailing from Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland Jamaica is the sweet, sultry, and soulful Reggae songstress Sevana. Born Anna-Sharé Blake, the singer, songwriter, and recording artist is known for her conscious lyrics, soothing vocals, delightful personality, and unique ability to connect with the lyrics of her songs. She is seen by some in the industry as a new flavor to reggae music.

Sevana was born and raised in Savanna-la-Mar in an improvised household with an absentee father and big dreams of becoming a doctor. Faith, however, had other plans in mind, and soon she would discover her purpose in music. Sevana recalled the first realization of her talent during a family breakfast when she sang to the lyrics of Celine Dion’s ‘A New Day Has Come’ and wooed her mother. After which, she then decided to explore music and what it may have in store for her.

In 2010, Sevana entered the popular Jamaican televised talent show, Digicel Rising Stars, as one-third of a musical trio called SLR.  The group was able to make it into the 10th  round of the competition, but to their dismay, the group did not make it much further. Although it seemed to have been a rocky start, the competition did give Sevana the motivation she needed to keep pushing for her musical career.

“Music moved from ‘I’m really good at this’ to ‘this is what I was born to do…I just know that this is why I’m here, and I take it seriously,” explained Sevanna. In 2013, She caught the attention of Protoje who took the job as her manager and she became a part of the In.Digg.Nation family. Since then, Sevana has left her mark on the industry with songs like ‘Bit Too Shy’, ‘Sometime Love’, and ‘Love Gone Cold’ where she was featured along with Protege.

While Sevana is known for her reggae releases and lovers’ rock lyrics, the songbird decided to spread her wings and ventured into the dancehall genre with her newest release ‘Nobody Man’.


“People are responding positively to it, and not taking it like ‘oh she’s trying to do something else’, but just understanding that it is an extension of myself,” Sevana said. The songstress says that she has always had a love for dancehall music and dancing; working on ‘Nobody Man’ gave her the opportunity to do both.

Sevana who describes herself has being Weird and awkward says that there is much more to come from her as she is currently working on two new singles. She says, for now, she is just excited about touring and the positive energies she has been receiving.


Taste The New Flavor Of Sevana

1. Nobody Man Sevana 0:45
2. Sometime Love Sevana 0:45
3. Bit Too Shy Sevana 0:45
4. Love Gone Cold Protoje ft. Sevana 0:45
5. Carry You Sevana 0:45


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