Saiku Andrews Pillow Could Speak

Written by: Jamel Grahame

Saiku Franklyn Andrews is arguably one of the biggest music acts in Guyana today with several international hits including “you” and “Pillow could speak.” This multi- talented superstar accolades extend beyond the realm of music; he doubles as an entrepreneur and most recently served as a judge on the GTT plus Star singing competition.

Saiku got an early beginning in his musical journey as a song writer. He penned the lyrics to “How are we gonna survive” performed by the Reggae/culture group ‘First Born’. The lyrics of this song introduced us to the conscience and thought provoking vibes that would become synonymous to the Saiku Andrews’ sound. With authenticity and confidence, he arrests the ear with his tone and the ease in which he sings his songs. His precision and carefulness of articulation conveys to the listener the importance of the message in his lyrics.


Saiku eventually became a devote Christian and by virtue has dedicated his craft to the spreading of the gospel. He got his big break, however, via his collaboration with the ‘Prodigal Son’ on the Song “Pillow could speak.” The song was a definite hit that resonated with audiences in and outside of the Gospel arena.  Pillow could speak, is laced with a realism and pop culture relevance uncharacteristic of the average Christian music. According to Saiku the song was personal to him since it reflected his life’s struggles and his battles with matching people’s expectations of him to his own realities. He explained that the pillow in the song was a metaphoric representation of God and characterized the song as a conversation with the lord.

Saiku like many other artistes has had his fair share of challenges in Guyana’s complex music Industry. He explained that a major test for him was communicating to a populace accustomed to foreign standards, who felt that good music can only come from foreign artistes, that local artist can be just as good. Saiku said that there is no shortage of talent in Guyana, but it is rather an issue of available facilities to produce quality music. For which he has been a strong advocate. He believed that given the opportunity that local artiste could create at a standard that rivaled that of international artistes. He recorded his music with international producer and proved his mantle by producing quality music that was well received by Guyanese people.


Saiku Andrews is more than a gospel artiste. He is a well-established entrepreneur that boasts many successful business ventures and a husband and a father of four in addition to his role as an artiste and brand ambassador for GTT.  When asked how he balances all these demanding portfolios he credited the unrelenting support of his wife. He explained that it is his wife that holds down the fort while he peruses his dreams. Saiku described himself as deliberate in all that he does; whether its music or business and is always looking for ways to expand and/or build his empire.

Future plans for Saiku Andrews include; completing his second Album. According to Saiku this album will feature a collaboration with Gospel Singer Eddie Nebblet, and though not an immediate plan, possible collaborations with some of the talent discovered via the GTT plus star competition. Saiku told us that he has a lot to be grateful for and acknowledged GTT for giving him the opportunity to broaden his horizons. When asked what advice he would give to upcoming artistes, Saiku said music is a product and therefore, requires more than a voice or good vocals to be successful. He opined that talent would be naught without the proper work ethics, attitude and promotional strategy. Caribbean Entertainment Hub is looking forward to following the journey of this superstar as he continues to inspire the masses through mastery of his craft

The Saiku Andrews’ Sound

1. Pillow Could Speak Saiku 0:45
2. Lie Saiku 0:45
3. Light It Up Saiku 0:45
4. You Saiku 0:45
5. Reckless love (Reggae cover) Saiku & RGF band 0:45

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