Masqueraders Orlando Carnival Downtown

Masqueraders Orlando Carnival Downtown

Orlando Carnival Downtown Has Grown In Stature As A Major Carnival

Written by: David Lawrence

Building on their last year’s success, Orlando Carnival Downtown 2022 has grown in stature as a major carnival.

It was not a time to be a loner as the festivities of Orlando Carnival brought the spirits, music, foods, culture, and masquerading of the Caribbean to Dezerland Park in Downtown Orlando over Memorial Day weekend.

On the Sunday of the weekend under a bright sunny sky, women masquerading in costumes of splendor, glamour, and sex appeal amass in large numbers to enjoy the 35th hosting of a carnival in the city of Disney World. They were all there to show off their beautiful costume and more importantly their gorgeous bodies which they did gyrating to the pulsing rhythm of soca. Spectators of men, women, older folks, and children came also to observe the happenings.

This year despite the many obstacles faced in hosting the carnival, the large number of masqueraders who participated in the parade is an indication that the growth of Orlando Carnival is trending upwards. The band of the year was awarded to ‘Unruly Mas Band’ with ‘Fete Massterz Carnival Troupe’ 1st runner up, and Amour Mas Band’ 2nd runner up,

At the end of the day as the sun began to set the focus shifted from the parade of the bands to the after-concert for which a large crowd had remained to hear soca music from artists from several Caribbean islands. Headlined by the soca power couple of Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Lyons, the concert was a fitting end to the official proceedings. Other artists who performed live were Raymond Ramnarine, Kerwin DuBois, Pumpa, Adam O, and Dennis’Menace’ Roberts. Special mentioning goes out to Adam O, who sent the ladies into a frenzy with his well-defined body and his smooth waistline, and also Fay-Ann Lyons who worked the stage from end to end, and with her commanding delivery, had patrons jumping, singing, and under her control at the end of the night.

The three-day festivities kicked off on the Friday evening with the traditional fashion show, “Carnival on the Runway”. The show spotlighted beautiful models dressed in mas costumes which provided a preview of what was to come, and eye candy, especially for the men in attendance. The event was hosted at Legends Resto & Lounge and featured  3 of the top rising female soca artistes today: Imani Ray, Nessa Preppy, and Nailah Blackman.

No carnival is complete without a “J’Ouvert” and so on the Saturday morning, the frolic of mud and paint attracted a sizeable crowd of revelers who lost themselves in a ‘merry go round’ of fun in the blazing sun. Like most Jouvert the revelers, fueled by alcohol and soca, were on their worst behavior wining, jumping, and smearing themselves in mud and paint all in the name of having a good time.

Following J’Ouvert, the “Back in Time Lime,” on Saturday evening brought patrons together in a relaxed outdoor atmosphere where they listen to soca of yesteryear while eating jerk chicken, boiled corn, and drinking Carib beer and coconut water. Entertainers for the night included Winston “Gypsy” Peters, and Olatunji.

Throughout the festival, spontaneous commemorations of the music of the late Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart occurred from time to time. His compelling catalog of soca gems when played added a special mood to the carnival: one of joy but sadness, bitter but sweet, and added a special meaning to his words “now is not the time to be a loner”.

The format of Orlando Carnival Downtown is unique and provides carnival lovers with 3 compact days of official back-to-back events to participate in and experience the beauty of Caribbean culture. This year besides the official events, fetes featuring top soca artists like Machel Montano, Kes the Band, Nadia Batson, and Patrice Roberts occurred throughout the holiday weekend making Orlando the place to be for carnival and soca lovers. Hence this Memorial Day weekend activities have shown that Orlando Carnival Downtown should be circled on the calendar of carnivals and be added to the list of those who haven’t experienced it yet.

To view our coverage check out our Orlando Carnival video playlist

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