Seated: Jonty Robinson as Will and Lesandra Scott as Sara

Rum Punch Starring Lesandra Scott: A Grenadian Film

Actor: Lesandra Scott

Rum Punch: A Psychological thriller/narrative that emphasizes the unstable and delusional psychological state of its main character, Sara, played by Lesandra Scott.

In the short film, Sara can be seen divulging the details of recent events over a cup of tea with a confidant. However, the more she speaks between sips of tea, the more her usual well-played act of normalcy is betrayed by her own words. During this session, after some prodding, she reveals some past events including a mysterious red door, several parties, a wedding, and an incident of violence. At the end of the session, Sara decides to act on the emotions stirred up, but in a dark manner.

Caribbean Entertainment Hub caught up with the man behind the film, Teddy Frederick, a Grenadian Film Maker and Producer to discuss the film, and we got to talking about the origin of the film’s name. To which he reminiscently said, “I was sitting with two co-workers one evening over drinks and one of them ordered a Rum Punch and they asked me a few questions about it. That day, however, I was so tired I barely heard anything that was said and realized that I zoned out for quite a bit. From there, the situation was funny to me, so I thought maybe I’ll recreate that moment. The party scene of the film would be more directly related to that experience.”

Jonty Robinson as Will and Lesandra Scott as Sara

Jonty Robinson as Will and Lesandra Scott as Sara

‘Rum Punch’ is Lesandra Scott’s first major acting role. Lesanda, who is also a writer at Caribbean Entertainment Hub, has been trying her hand at acting for the past two years. Having no professional training, she demonstrates by becoming the embodiment of the twisted, delusional Sara in the film; that acting is natural to her. The supporting actor, Will, was played by Jonty Robinson.

Rum Punch is scripted by Teddy with the aid of some of the actors and crew members. The soundtrack was comprised of songs by Grenadian artistes Tamantha Chole (‘In We Blood’, ‘Great One’) and Josh Berkeley (‘Beautiful’, ‘Olive Oil’).

Caribbean Entertainment Hub will like to commend Teddy Frederick and the cast of Rum Punch for this Grenadian thriller. To view movie or trailer click below.


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