Trini-born Actor Quincy Chad

Trini-born Actor Quincy Chad

Trini-born Actor Quincy Chad On His Way To Becoming Leading TV Male Actor

Written by: Nekisha Cyrus

From landing roles in some of TV’s hit shows and popular drama series such as ‘Power’, ‘Orange is the New Black’, ‘The Punisher’, ‘The Get Down’ and more; it seems like Trini-born, US-based actor, Quincy Chad is well on his way to becoming one of television’s leading male actors.

Quincy Chad Francis was born in Movant, Trinidad and first migrated to Canada before eventually moving to Brooklyn, New York. Chad attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut where he studied sociology and excelled in athletics. He competed in basketball, football, and track and field and served as captain for the school’s football team. His skill made him look towards a professional career in the National Football League (NFL) until an injury occurred that derailed his plans.

Although possessing an undergraduate degree in sociology, he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in acting and was encouraged by a visiting professor from the Yale School of Drama who nurtured his talents. Looking back, Chad recalls his grandmother being the first person to instill the confidence in him that he could do anything and saw his potential to be a star. Although the road to fame has not been an easy one, as he struggled at times to juggle the responsibilities of having a 9-5 job while building his acting career and reputation.

Quincy Chad

Quincy Chad in The Get Down

Some of his acting credits and performances to date include the following:

–  In 2016, he appeared in an episode of Marvel’s The Punisher where he played ruthless mercenary, Spencer Geiger.

– In 2019, Chad played iconic American football player and civil rights activist-turned actor Jim Brown, for the theatrical production of One Night in Miami by Kemp Powers. The play is now an award-winning movie directed by Oscar winner Regina King with Aldis Hodge as Jim Brown.

– He has also appeared in some of TV’s popular US drama series such as ‘Power’, ‘Orange is the New Black’ (2013), ‘The Get Down’ (2016), and also in his most recent role, Chad plays Big Deon, an intimidating Crips gang-member on FX’s crime-drama Snowfall, a critically acclaimed series currently in its fourth season detailing the spread of crack cocaine in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

We at CEH will like to commend our Trinidadian brother on all his success achieved thus far, as we encourage and look forward to seeing him accomplish many more both on and off the screen. To stay connected with Quincy Chad, you can follow him on social media here.

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