Best Reggae Album Grammy Nominations

Best Reggae Album Grammy Nominations

The Nominees For The 2024 Grammy Awards Best Reggae Album Are?

Written by: Adela Scotland

The Grammys the biggest, most anticipated music awards show of all time has release the of nomination for its 2024 show. Every year, musicians and artists alike are at the edge of their seats hoping to achieve that Grammy nomination. Popular genres from all across the globe are taken into consideration when deciding who to bestow the honour of nominee upon. This year, the Best Reggae Album award nominees are hot. With albums selected from some of the biggest, most influential names in reggae music. Can you guess who they are? If not, don’t worry, we gotchu with the list of 2024 Grammy nominees for the Best Reggae Album.

The Grammy Nominees are:

Buju Banton Grammy Nomination

Cali Roots Grammy Nomination


Burning Spear Grammy nomination


Julian Marley Grammy Nomination



Which one of these sensational albums are you rooting for? Are you enticed by “Colours of Royal?” Inspired by “Born for Greatness?” Perhaps you’re moved by “No Destroyer?” In the mood for a steamy beat from “Simma?” Or captivated by any of the laid-back tunes made using the “Cali Roots Riddim 2023?”

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