Kady Kish, Adrian Dutchin, DJ Energy, & Timeka Marshall

Kady Kish, Adrian Dutchin, DJ Energy, & Timeka Marshall

The Mash Project: A Contribution To Guyana’s 53rd Republic Anniversary

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Guyanese are surely in the Mashramani Vibes with the launching of “The Mash Project” a musical venture geared at putting folks in the groove for the celebrations.

This project was conceptualized by UK Based Guyanese Artiste Pahjo and UK Based Montserratian Producer ShakerHD. The project according to Pahjo is the team’s contribution to their country’s national celebration during the month of February.



“Shaker sent me this riddim and this was perfect for us, everything just sounded like home and I was like Shaker what’s your intention with this and he said nothing and I was like nah I wanna actually do something for home targeting Mash” Pahjo said

The artiste who are all from different locations were excited and eager to lend their voices to this project.

“I really like the track it was an obvious why not I mean it really represent our culture, it’s a really good effort to see a bunch of our Guyanese artiste come together and put out something specifically for Guyana” says Timeka Marshall, whose song is entitled “Irving Street”.

Timea Mar

Timeka Marshall

Adrian Dutchin, another cast member with his song “Place Nice” added “I was very honored to be part of the project so I said let’s go have some fun”.

Adrian Dutchin

A new comer to the singing arena, Dj Energy was elated to debut on the project as an artiste, he noted ” Pahjo and Timeka knew I wanted to become an artiste and I felt like this was that moment so I was like Yeah I need to get on this riddim when I heard it from Adrian Dutchin”. His track is called “Dahlin”.

DJ Energy

DJ Energy

 Meanwhile, Pahjo teamed up with Kady Kish to give fans one called “Stress Free Fete”. kady shared her excitement for the project noted that it was always her dream to work with some of the said artiste on the project. ” I am so happy I got to be apart of this project with these talented artistes, coming together to put out something for Mashramani was a great idea” she noted.

Kady Kish

The project’s mastermind who also wanted to do music ventured into the arena in 2019 with the aim of highlighting Guyana in any possiblity. The riddim also features a collaborative song with the entire cast entitled Mashramani.

1. Irving Street Timeka Marshall 0:45
2. Place Nice Adrian Dutchin 0:45
3. Kady Kish x Pahjo - Stress Free Fete (The Mash Project) undefined 0:45
4. Dahlin DJ Energy 0:45

The Mash Project is available on every digital streaming platform for fan’s listening pleasure.

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