Sabrina Francis

Sabrina Francis

Sabrina Francis’ “Meet Me At The Mango Tree” A Truly Grenadian Story Told With Songs & Sounds.

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Singer/songwriter Sabrina Francis continues to regularly release new songs which show her personal and professional growth. Another element of her growth is also evident in her development of performance formats such as “Sabrina’s Treehouse Concerts” which started in 2020. This intimate headphone concert proved to be very successful over the years.  “Meet Me At The Mango Tree” which premieres on the 9th of February 2024 is an elevation of this experience.

“Nowadays as an independent artist and with literally millions of musicians out there, you have to be very creative to be heard. So, my team and I set out to develop an innovative type of performance where the use of visuals is minimised for the benefit of an immersive aural experience. This experience gets even more intimate and profound thanks to the use of headphones for each guest”, Sabrina explains.

“Meet Me At The Mango Tree” is a coming-of-age story set in the Caribbean which shows that living in paradise doesn’t save you from trauma and that challenges provide opportunities to live an intentional and meaningful life. Although the story has some autobiographical background, Sabrina is convinced of its universal resonance because she says, “Everybody is unique, has his/her own life story but, I believe that we are all connected and music is one of those connectors.” In addition, the healing power of music is one of the messages within the story and a pillar of the development process backed by research which shows that music influences what a person thinks, how a person acts, and most importantly how a person feels, all in one time.

Following the philosophy of  “Less is more,” the performance has minimal visuals and emphasises the audio experience through headphones. Light is used to create ambiance or reinforce certain elements on stage in a theatrical sense but otherwise, the patron can close his/her eyes and enjoy the unfolding of the story through the songs and sounds.

The production took Sabrina’s team close to a year to realize the story, music and sounds necessary to give the audience this unique experience.  Jana Caniga, Dieter Burkhalter, Sabrina Francis and Alesia Aird developed and wrote the story, for which Sabrina wrote the songs which she in turn produced with Mystro Sugar from Nigeria. All the sounds and audio scenes that so aptly describe Caribbean life and have been captured by Hervin Hood and Dieter Burkhalter.

The performance of “Meet Me At The Mango Tree” will showcase the talents of Sabrina Francis – lead vocals, Dieter Burkhalter – keys, Laura Lisa Richardson – backing vocals & percussion, Alesia Aird – guitar & backing vocals, Amorelle Browne – backing vocals & flute, Godson Browne – drums & keys, Keane Jules – bass, keys & backing vocals and Hervin Hood – sound engineer.


Upcoming performance dates are February 9th, 10th, and 24th, March 9th and 23rd, April 6th and 20th.

To purchase tickets please visit or contact for more information.

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