'Ten to One' founder and CEO Marc Farrell & Investor/ Co-owner Ciara

'Ten to One' founder and CEO Marc Farrell & Investor/ Co-owner Ciara

R&B Singer & Businesswoman Ciara Invests in Trini-owned ‘Ten to One’ Rum

Written by: Nekisha Neicy Cyrus

Grammy Award-Winning Singer, Dancer & Businesswoman Ciara is now officially a part of the award-winning Ten to One Rum family.

Ten To One is a contemporary and elevated spirit, designed to challenge expectations, and reinvigorate the way people taste, experience, and talk about rum. Ten To One Founder, Marc Farrell who was born and raised in Trinidad, left Trinidad at age 16 to study chemical engineering at MIT and later went on to become the youngest Vice President at Starbucks. Marc who founded the brand in 2019, believes that in the US there is an enormous opportunity to further elevate the conversation around rum.

From being a student of rum and its place within a myriad of settings his entire life, he understands the heritage of rum, as well as the broader role it plays in the Contemporary Caribbean culture.  By introducing a high-quality spirit to the market, he intends to broaden and challenge the current perception around the occasion for which rum might be considered the spirit of choice for today’s consumer. Announcing the news of his partnership with Ciara as their new investor and co-owner of the brand recently via social media, here’s what he wrote in the caption:

’10/1, marks a celebration to remember. Today we welcome @ciara to the Ten To One team as an Investor, Co-Owner, and Director. @Ciara shares our passion and drive to bring the beauty and versatility of rum to those who have yet to discover it. We are excited to have her join us on our mission to reinvigorate the way people taste, experience, and talk about rum’.



Ciara who is no stranger to business ventures wants to change how you think about rum. In 2019, she attended a short intensive course at Harvard Business School on the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports, which she said gave her skills to fine-tune her decision-making as well as learn from past business mistakes. For her latest business venture, she wants to change how you think about rum. The ‘Level Up‘ singer was first introduced to Ten to One through mutual friends of hers and Farrell’s, found a kindred spirit in the entrepreneur. This is what she shared via Instagram:

‘10.1 is now a Ten to One Holiday to me! When I was first introduced to @MarcFarrell12 I was immediately inspired by our shared sense of optimism and entrepreneurial drive. His mission to reinvigorate the rum category and challenge the status quo really resonated with me. From my first sip of @TenToOneRum I was immediately transported, its quality and taste is exceptional! I’m excited to join him on this journey as an investor, co-owner, and Director of Ten To One and introduce new audiences to the dynamism and versatility of rum’.

Ciara after breastfeeding her son Win for 10 months was planning her first cocktail, and also had this to share on her experience:

“I had a classic mojito. It’s one of my go-to’s, and it was really good. Imagine, I was breastfeeding for 10 months in quarantine, that was a journey. But it was also really sweet. I enjoy bonding with my baby, but it was definitely time. I was excited, looking forward to celebrating that moment and it was the perfect way to kick it off.”

For Ciara, spreading the word about how to craft those special cocktails for everyday celebrations is one of the reasons she joined Trinidad-born founder and CEO Marc Farrell as an investor, co-owner, and director for Ten To One rum. As an active owner and partner for Ten to One, Ciara will be directly involved in amplifying the brand’s commitment to reshaping the conversation around rum. With a focus on marketing, creativity, business development, and strategic partnerships, she will work closely with Farrell to bring his vision for an inclusive and inspired spirit to new communities where she has forged meaningful connections.

Ten To One is now presently available in 14 states in the US, and in select locations nationwide here in Trinidad & Tobago. For more information and updates, you can visit their website.

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