Randy Glasgow Production’s “Alternative After Carnival Festival”‘ is Destined For Repeats.

Written by: T'shad De Graff

We Know Trinis like to laugh so with several sold-out performances of the ‘Alternative After Carnival Festival’, Randy Glasgow Production has scheduled yet another casting of the show on Sunday 10th March at Centre Pointe Mall, Chaguanas.

The first showing at SAPA in San Fernando on the Friday after Carnival produced some memorable moments that had patrons bent over in laughter throughout the show.

The MC for the event was the wise-cracking, Kenneth Supersad. With a mixture of observational and situational comedy, every sentence out of his mouth had the crowd in stitches.

Getting the audience going was the Midget Earl performing his dance routine with his wife. He demonstrated to the audience the difference between how he dances versus his brother. He danced seductively for his wife who was nearly five times his size and at one point even going shirtless. Words can’t begin to do justice to this act.

A familiar name for those on social media, Mr. Kwame Weekes, graced the stage. More known for his social media commentary and short clips, it was great to see him pursuing stand-up comedy. Whether in front of a camera or live on stage, Kwame showed that he knows how to make people laugh regardless of the medium.

Comedy Legend Learie Joseph and his “mother” Delores performed a skit that can only be described as masterful. In a way the skit allowed you to suspend belief in the situation they portrayed. He’s one of the Caribbean Kings of Comedy for a reason.

An integral part of the night was pan because the audience was blessed by both Dane Gulston and Joshua Regrello; pan players Number 2 and 3 respectively. With their skillset, they had their own concert with just their tenor pans.

What is local comedy without some Extempo? The Extempo Monarch 2024 winner Winston “Gypsy” Peters, runner-up Myron B, and the Referee, Black Sage came to the stage and entertained the crowd with their clever lyricism and wordplay. Going blow for blow with one another, there were no friends in this triple-threat match. All in good fun.

The Drunken Saint, Darryl Mendoza, would stagger to the stage living up to his name. One of the funniest performers of the night. Even his joke about going to the bathroom was said cleanly, reminiscent of the late Sprangalang’s toilet joke.

As the Drunken Saint staggered off stage, Allan D Entertainer would rush on to close the show. With a name like that, he was nothing short of entertaining, whining to Nailah Blackman’s Round & Rosie.

The show was amazing, leaving everyone in stitches. Extra kudos to the host Kenneth Supersad for his comedic genius. Oftentimes the glue holding the performances together, making sure not a second passed without laughter. The Alternative After Carnival Festival is one show you must not miss.



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