New Reggae Artiste Koffee Set to Bring the Heat

Written by: Charmaine Lindsay

“A di reggae music causing the commotion” sings upcoming artiste Koffee and she is right. But could it also be that she herself is the cause of some new good vibes and commotion?

In case you have not heard this new sensation, allow me to introduce her. Koffee, whose real name is Mikayla Simpson, is from Spanish Town, Jamaica and is a past student of Ardenne High School in the country’s capital, Kingston. She is only 18 years old and became popular after she posted a smooth and melodious tribute to Usain Bolt called Legend on YouTube.

Who knew that this young woman and aspiring reggae and dancehall artiste would get her opportunity to make a break just from a YouTube video? This song has now been seen by tens of thousands of YouTube viewers and has afforded Koffee the exposure she needs. She was featured at Rebel Salute earlier this year when reggae icon Cocoa Tea invited o stage. She has also been featured in interviews with the likes of Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid. Additionally, she has also been featured in one of BBC-Radio 1Xtra’s videos which often features live sessions with several famous artists.

This is great exposure for Koffee and no doubt she will do great things, but let me tell you why I have a good feeling about her:

She is young, but she has the sound and style of an old soul. Koffee is no light-headed person and it shows from her lyrics that she has wisdom beyond her years. According to her hit song Burning she “…stay woke, no sleep, me no likkle Bo-peep.”

Lastly, she may have an old soul, but she also has a contemporary style. She not only can sing but this chick can spit lyrics and makes quite a rapper (or DJ as it would be said in Jamaica). This can be seen in the lyrics of her song Raggamuffin, “humble inno but me hype pon the beat, look out fi Koffee me live pon the street. Me a five feet but me sharp like teeth”. I believe her youth and her mix of contemporary and old-school style has the potential to reach both lovers of old-school reggae and younger reggae lovers.

I have a good feeling about this one and if I were you I would look out for greater things from Koffee because I believe she is bound to be a burning sensation.

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“UPDATED: Reggae Awakening; Koffee Hits Studio After Viral Hit” –

KOFFEE Introduced by Cocoa Tea at Rebel Salute 2018 – YouTube

E Buzz – Kabaka Pyramid, Proteje, Koffee – YouTube

1Xtra in Jamaica – Chronixx & Koffee – Real Rock Riddim – YouTube

Raggamuffin – YouTube

Legend –

Burning –

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