CEH New Soca Parang Release 2023 Spotlights Rome

Written by: Nekisha 'Neicy' Cyrus

Itz Rome is back again and this time he is heading down in the country…lol.

Jerome Precilla known professionally as ‘Rome’, is a Trinidadian Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Television / Radio personality, and Event host. His 2023 soca parang contributions are ‘We Parangin’, and the brand new video release of ‘Country Gyal’; a song full of double entendre. Rome never disappoints in delivering catchy parang soca tunes each year. Both songs are written by Jerome Precilla & Mevon Soodeen and are produced by XplicitMevon.

Not only is Rome well known in the Soca parang circuit, but he is also a Soca artiste. He was a double Soca Monarch Finalist in 2020 and in 2019 he placed 4th in the Chutney Soca Monarch Finals. He also won an Urban Music Award for best Soca/Chutney collaboration in 2018 with Ravi B for the song ‘D Key’.  Not only is he a performer but he is also a Corporate Event Host for the major corporations in T&T, a Television Host who hosted shows on CNC3, TV6, Synergy TV, and CTV, a Wedding Host of over 100 weddings, and the host of his radio show “The Morning Pump” on the number one urban radio station in the country Boom Champions 94.1fm.

Rome who holds a Masters in Engineering Asset Management and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the West Indies is also an entrepreneur at heart as he is the Co-Founder of Quik Slice Pizza and SocaHub.com. Rome is known for his light-hearted and ever-positive energy. His wit, humor, and broad smile are extremely contagious whenever he hits the stage.

You can catch Rome this year at his popular annual event ‘Parang with Rome’, which will be taking place this year on December 25th, 2023 where he will be performing some of his popular hits like ‘Annie‘, ‘Apoo’, ‘Lie, Lie, Lie’ and many more.

Be sure to stay updated with Rome on his Website and Social media.

The countdown to Christmas 2023 is officially on. Are you feeling the Christmas spirit as yet?

Check out our 2023 New Soca Parang Releases below and Enjoy!


1. Soca Afrobeat Remix Crazy & Unified The Band Parang 0:44
2. Best Behavior Fuki 0:44
3. Smell The Ham General Grant 0:45
4. Last Minuite JW 0:44
5. Christmas Is Love Kiegs 0:46
6. Joseph's Christmas Kiegs 0:45
7. Make this house ah home Roxy Singh 0:45
8. Yuh Done Know Dat Already Marcia Miranda 0:45
9. Meh Neighbour Yard Christopher Rojas 0:44
10. Come Leh We Parang NICEMAN 0:45
11. Dark Chocolate Rembunction 0:45
12. Country Gyal Rome 0:45
13. We Parangin' Rome 0:45
14. Friends Smithy 0:45
15. Salty Christmas Eddie Charles 0:45
16. Too Far Ninja 0:45

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