CEH May 2023 New Reggae Releases Spotlights Vanessa Bling

Written by: Adela Scotland

It’s the month of May and while the rest of the world is preparing to welcome Summer, the Caribbean is welcoming something far more unique, the comeback of Vanessa Bling.

Vanessa Bling,  a Jamaican-born singer with incredible talent and a passion for music, rose to prominence in the 2000s and powerfully set herself apart from the rest of the Jamaican music scene at the time.  Though this era of Jamaican music was defined by violence and promiscuity, Venessa’s voice however was directed at love in all its dimensions and reflected the beauty of Jamaican culture.

Venessa released her first hit “One Man” in 2011. This song expresses her loyalty to one person using Jamaican dialect and slang. She successfully used Jamaican culture to sing about relationships and this became a key element of her music. In addition to singing about relationships, Bling has also produced songs that sing about a love for God.

Throughout the years Vanessa’s creative voice has shifted and has included less ‘obscene’ language and even more vulnerability. For it takes a brave person to enter a space known for a particularly prude voice with vulnerability and find success. Now vulnerability doesn’t mean ‘soft language’ it just reflects an innate and accurate understanding of the human experience and what it means to love, be loved, and be open to being brokenhearted.

Her latest release called “ Beautiful,” is a powerful song about self-love, overcoming adversities, and believing in yourself. Those two minutes and forty-four seconds contain inspiring lyrics that renounce the wrongs of the past and embrace a bright future. It compels the listener to remember that they are indeed beautiful despite everything they’ve been through. It is the perfect song for such a transformative time of the year.

In a recent interview with “Dance Hall Magazine,” Bling stated, “The more you grow the more you learn, things and times change.” This is a truly dynamic statement that holds true in the real world. “Beautiful” is a song that is definitely worth listening to and we of course have provided several other songs to keep you company all month long.

1. Beautiful Vanessa Bling 0:45
2. Soul Tied Vanessa Bling & D'Yani 0:45
3. Party Girls feat. Buju Banton Victoria Monét 0:45
4. Lady In Red Busy Signal 0:45
5. Farewell to Midnight Eric Hilton 0:45
6. Mama Told Me Yaadcore 0:45
7. Edge of the Ocean Stick Figure 0:45
8. Samuel Suh & T'Jean Rock of Gibraltar [Official Lyric Video 2023] 0:45
9. Viral Alborosie 0:45
10. Baseball Girl Richie Spice 0:45

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