CEH Jan 2022 New Chutney Soca Releases Spotlights Guyana’s Bunty Singh

Written by: David Lawrence

Bunty Singh with his persistence and consistency of sweet chutney-soca and traditional chutney music has etched his name into the hearts of his Guyanese countrymen and now into the wider Caribbean Chutney soca community. In recent years, he has become a hitmaker with many of his songs easily getting views in excess of six figures on Youtube. ‘She Want Me Be She Raja‘ – 2.4M in a year, ‘Sorry’ – 1M in 10mths, ‘Rosehall Town Gyal’ – 1M in 4mths, and ‘Sweetheart‘ – 1.1M 9mths to make the point.

Through the visuals of his latest release “Hello”,  Bunty is pushing racial harmony and unity between the races in the most powerful of ways, the marriage of a man of one race to a woman of another. Singh uses the power of music to unite the different cultural divisions in Guyana and in the wider Caribbean as a whole. He often fuses elements of soca and reggae in many of his songs. In ‘Hello’ which is basically a Chutney Soca track, he goes from singing in English to Hindustani to toasting or chanting in Jamaican style.

Singh originally hails from Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice, but relocated to Shieldstown Village, West Bank Berbice, after marriage.

Bounty grew up in a house of music; his foster dad who was a religious bhajans singer played several instruments took Bounty with him to many functions at an early age.

Today, Singh is well versed in playing the dhantal, the dholak, harmonia, and keyboard. He is ‘One Man Band’ and has a studio at home where he produces music for himself and others.

With sheer determination and the will to make it in the Guyana music industry, Bounty Singh competed in many local competitions. Starting with the local Kala Utsav where he placed first and got the motivation to enter other competitions.

Up next was the coveted annual GTT Jingles competition where he initially placed in the top 10, before placing fifth in his second try. The Emerging Voices competition was also attempted where he landed in the top 10.

In 2009, he entered the Guyana National Chutney Competition and was voted the best newcomer. Bunty however failed to place on several attempts before finally winning the Monarch Competition in 2017, 2018, and 2020. He then placed second in 2019 and 2021.

Bunty Singh is one of the most accessible artiste in the industry today. He performs at funerals, weddings, and janhdis with his One Man Band and works with both established and upcoming artistes in his recording studio. He is well sought after for collaborations by his peers with songs like Bunty Singh X Savita Singh – Sweetheart, Bunty Singh X Vanita Willie – Rosehall Town Gyal, and Bunty Singh X Kavita Ramkissoon – Manikdhar Jhabeeya being some of his recent successes.

With the beginning of a new year comes the start of a new Chutney-soca season and with it a plethora of new songs. Here’s a list of some new releases that have jumped out at us. Listen and enjoy.


1. Hello {Tanha Dil Ghabrata Hai} Bunty Singh 0:45
2. I'm Not Guilty Navin Singh X Bunty Singh 0:45
3. Lion On Stage Nisha Ramsook 0:45
4. Gone Back {Go Back Reply} Juliana Mohammed 0:45
5. Dulha Ke Dhoti {Cah Find He Dhoti} Miss Purdey Sahadeo 0:45
6. Drink And Be Happy Rick Ramoutar 0:45
7. Nothing Cant Replace You Nishal B X Harish Soogdeo 0:45
8. Like You Do Vee Ram X Anthony Batson 0:45
9. She Want Ah 4x4 Van Kenneth Salick 0:45
10. Chataigne Tree Trinidad Mad Man 0:45
11. If You Go Chavez X Tony Cuttz 0:45
12. Dont Come Back Prince Jp 0:45
13. Shake Meh Waist Sonia Singh 0:45
14. Tek Another Vicadi Singh 0:45

Source: https://guyanachronicle.com/2020/08/02/a-success-story-from-budding-shieldstown-musician-to-household-name/

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