CEH Dec 2023 New Dancehall Releases Spotlights Beenie Man- ‘Chop Suey’

Written by:  Nekisha 'Neicy' Cyrus

The King of Dancehall, Beenie Man, blessed his fans this Christmas with his latest single and music video ‘Chop Suey’ which is featured on his highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Simma’. Simma will be the Girl Dem Sugar’s 19th studio album.  It follows his last studio album titled Undisputed, which was released more than 13 years ago.

Beenie Man shared that his latest release ‘Chop Suey’ is not just a tribute to the Chinese in Jamaica, who, incidentally, played a significant role in the development of Jamaican music, “it is a dedication to the Chinese in music generally”.

“In Chop Suey, we just mix the dancehall music with Chinese sounds, so we can just get them to dance to our music and dance like we. The Chop Suey dance was created by me,” Beenie Man said, adding that “on this album, we have like five different cultures … just listen to it”.

Beenie Man and his team have apparently decided to put heavy promotion into ‘Chop Suey’. During the Christmas Holidays, guests were invited to a Black Ttie event celebrating, what the invitation labelled, “the musical triumphs of Beenie Man and the exclusive premiere of the music video for Chop Suey”. Chop Suey was among the favourites at the album listening for Simma. The Dancehall giant even shared that he loves Chinese cuisine and his favourite Chinese dish is shrimp fried rice.

The (3) minutes and (10) seconds video is presented as “a Jay Will film” starring Beenie Man and his dancer daughter Desha, accompanied by some dancers and two kung fu experts. The actual premiere was over not long after it started, and of course, there was the customary applause at the end.

Officially released to the public on Christmas Day, the video is attracting lots of favourable comments and truckloads of fire emojis from fans, who are hailing the song as “authentic” and “getting back to some old school dancehall”. On the downside, however, some fans think that for an artiste of the calibre of the Doctor this is simply “okay”.

1. Chop Suey Beenie Man 0:45
2. Money Mike Walk Mr. Vegas 0:45
3. Active Bayka 0:45
4. Socrates Aidonia 0:45
5. Look Yah Elephant Man 0:46
6. Di Trees (Dutty Money Riddim Remake) Aidonia & Tarrus Riley 0:45
7. Ocean Eyes Byron Messia 0:45
8. Check E' Details Chronic Law 0:46
9. Up Now Kman 6ixx 0:45
10. Drift Teejay ft French Montana 0:45

Sources include: https://jamaica-gleaner.com, https://www.dancehallmag.com, https://taarifa.rw

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