CEH Dec 2022 New Soca Releases Spotlights The Return Of Benjai

Written by: David Lawrence

After being on a musical hiatus for serval years, Rodney “Benjai” Le Blanc is bringing his groove back with the recent release of new tracks for the 2023 soca season. The return of the “Phenomenal” Artiste has so far been well-received by fans.

“Well well, Benjai has bring a different fresh style of Soca music to the table . This is a tune that would be playing right through the year. 100 percent endorsed! Soca to the world!” –  a YouTude Comment to the track “Microphone”

“Am I really hearing a real song? ….with lyrics and longer than 2:40 min? ♥♥♥♥♥️. Benjai this is why I will always rate you. ♥♥♥️” @novemberlady1033 commented on the track “Doh Let She Stray” with music produced by Leston Paul.

@cher385 ❤❤❤❤❤❤ that’s all I have. Sweet melody, rhythm just right! What’s missing? “I is a Trini”, saying thank you, Lovely B. Benjai🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 playing this on my program, “Caribbean Exposure” – on the Track “Swear”.

And @KwesiJamaal “The long awaited return 🔥🔥🔥 Welcome back King! Big Up 🇹🇹” – on the Track “Swear”.

Besides the return of Benjai, 2023’s crop of soca is very impressive so far with fantastic riddims to have ‘feters’ jumping and dancing until wet. Also, this year we are seeing more collaborations with top soca artistes and their dancehall counterparts. This brings fresh vocals and international appeal to soca. Nadia Batson & Romain Virgo’s – “Nothing Better”, Farmer Nappy & Christopher Martin’s – “Gyal Like Rain”, and Kes & Shaggy’s – “Mood”; are a few that are worth mentioning.


1. Swear Benjai 0:45
2. Microphone Benjai 0:45
3. Sweetness Jaiga 0:45
4. Nothing Better Nadia Batson, Romain Virgo 0:45
5. Gyal Like Rain (Port Of Spain Riddim) Farmer Nappy & Christopher Martin 0:45
6. Mood Shaggy x Kes 0:45
7. Shell Way Shal Marshall 0:45
8. Long Live Soca Voice 0:45
9. The Spirit Machel Montano 0:45
10. Engine Room Olatunji 0:45
11. DAP Viking Ding Dong 0:45
12. Party Time (The Dynamic Riddim) Fay-Ann Lyons 0:45
14. Not Yuh Gyal Nailah Blackman 0:45
15. Easy Destra 0:45
16. U Get Through Motto & Farmer Nappy 0:45
17. No Relationship Skinny Fabulous 0:45
18. Lift (The Dramatic Riddim) Bunji Garlin 0:45
19. Maracas Nailah Blackman 0:45
20. Right Down Sir Charles 0:45

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