CEH 2023 March New Soca Releases: Spotlights Viking Ding Dong ‘DAP’ Remix

Written by: Nekisha 'Neicy' Cyrus

It’s the Ding Dong collaboration we’ve been waiting for…did someone say REMIX!!!

Just when you thought this carnival 2023 hit couldn’t get any better, the Ding Dongs have teamed up to give us some Ding Dong squared magic. Yes, Trinidad’s very own Viking Ding Dong have teamed up with Jamaica’s very own Ding Dong Ravers for this epic collab ‘DAP’ (Drink & Party) remix.

Known as the sexiest big belly man in the soca game, Andre Houlder who goes by the stage name Viking Ding Dong is a popular Soca Artiste/ DJ. Since his entry to the soca stage, he has delivered some of the biggest soca anthems well-loved by fans. Songs like ‘We Outside’, ‘Hornin First’, ‘Leave it Alone’, ‘Earthquake’, just to name a few. He also placed third in last official International Soca Monarch in 2023, in the Groovy Soca Category.

His latest hit ‘DAP’ was written by Kitwana Israel, Jelani Shaw, Andre Houlder and Kevin Williams; and produced, mixed and mastered by AdvoKit Productions. Since its release the single has already racked up 825K views and counting. Now with this new surprise collab, the fans definitely gonna be streaming this one.

To stay updated with Viking Ding Dong and where he will be performing next, be sure to follow him on To Instagram. 

Now after a very infectious Carnival 2023 season kicking off the ‘Mother of all Carnival’, we’re keeping the momentum pumping with our brand-new soca releases for the March 2023. See below!

1. DAP (Drink and Party) Remix Viking Ding Dong x Ding Dong Ravers - 0:45
2. Breakfast In Bed | 2023 Soca | St Lucia Teddyson John 0:45
3. Chase StickyWow 0:45
4. Honestly Faith Callender 0:45
5. Fete Till Another Day Kris Kennedy 0:45
6. Denise Belfon, ZJ Sparks & Dan Evens Wanti (Official Music Video) 0:45
7. Never Miss Carnival DJ Cheem x Jonny Blaze x Stadic 0:45
8. Good Genes Added Rankin 0:45
9. Rum & Bacchanal Miguel Maestre 0:45
10. King James x Mr Killa - Doh Tell Me Dat Rum Done undefined 0:45


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