CEH 2022 Oct Soca Releases: Spotlights Mical Teja’s ‘Hall of Fame’

Written by: Nekisha Neicy Cyrus

Trinidad and Tobago Soca Artiste, Writer and Producer, Mical Teja Williams, known professionally as “Mical Teja or Teja” is paying homage in his 2023 release ‘Hall of Fame’ to the icons of Trinidad and Tobago that paved the way for Artiste such as himself to have a platform to create, express and positively impact the people of a nation through music.

In his brand-new music video (see featured video), Mical is showcasing the true essence of Trinidad and Tobago known as the birthplace of the Steelpan, Calypso and Soca Music, Carnival, and home to some of the Greatest Cultural Icons in the Caribbean and so much more. The song also gives people a sense of hope knowing that despite the recent global changes things are slowly but surely falling back into a place of normalcy.

The new release was written by Mical Teja, Triniboi Joocie & Captain PleXX. Produced by Mical Teja and Mixed/ Mastered by N.M.G. Live Instruments includes Mical on the Guitar & Bass, Joshua “Supayouth” Salcedo on the Drums, and All-Stars Brass coming in with the Brass.

Just in case you’re not familiar with this star on the rise, here’s a little background on Mical.

Hailing from the humble community of Gonzales in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago a musical genius emerged! From childhood to adulthood his passion and love for music have evolved into a successful business and career. It is significant to note that one of his first writing opportunities came at the tender age of fifteen (15), when he penned the song titled ‘Carry On’ for Soca superstar Destra Garcia, which went on to place in the International Soca Monarch Finals in Trinidad and Tobago. Since then, he has produced and written music for a multitude of performers across the Caribbean such Machel Montano, Kevin Lyttle, Kerwin Du Bois, Kes the Band, Shurwayne Winchester, Patrice Roberts, Nailah Blackman, and much more. Mical Teja is also known as the producer behind Olatunji’s ‘Bodyline’ which set the stage ablaze on the famous “The X-Factor” and as a result, he has already been recognized for his contributions to the local art form with a Cultural Award.

Soca Artiste- Mical Teja

Soca Artiste- Mical Teja

To date, some of Mical Teja’s hits include ‘Birthday’, ‘Bumper Murder’ a collaboration with soca veteran Kerwin DuBois, he also created the “24hr Riddim” featuring his collaboration ‘Hornin First’ with Viking Ding Dong, ‘Dingolay’ featuring Nailah Blackman and was also responsible for writing Patrice Robert’s 2022 mega-hit ‘Mind My Business’.

To stay updated with Mical Teja, be sure to follow him on To Instagram.  For more new soca releases check out our official October playlist below as we gear up to enter the Carnival 2023 soca season. See below!

1. Hall of Fame Mical Teja 0:45
2. Never Again Machel Montano 0:45
3. Everything Good Farmer Nappy x Teddyson John 0:45
4. Sweetest Mas Lil' Bitts 0:45
5. We Alcohol Rome x Motto 0:45
6. DJ Ana & Ultra Simmo Feat. Sackie & DJ Cheem Simon Says (Soca 2023) (Official Lyric Video) 0:45
7. Happy Hey Choppi & XplicitMevon 0:45
8. Thermostat Lyrikal 0:45
9. Never Gonna Let You Go Destra 0:45
10. Bottle Bunji Garlin 0:45
11. Sweetest Wine Dev 0:45
12. No Such Thing Nadia Batson 0:45
13. Start It Turner 0:45
14. Signal ft. Blaxx, College Boy Jesse & D AllStarz Hitz 0:45
15. All Ova Cassi 0:45


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