Actor: Shantol Jackson

Storm Saulter, renowned local director, is aiming to move away from the stereotypical storyline with his new movie, Sprinter. Speaking at the media briefing for the film, Saulter said there is a need to move away from the ‘life or death’ stories that are usually told about Jamaica, to reveal a new side to life on the rock. Sprinter is expected to show that there are so many different stories to be told about Jamaica and they can be just as exciting as one with guns, gangster and girls.

Sprinter was shot over five weeks in locations in Jamaica and Los Angeles. Currently, the film’s runtime is 1 hour and 48 minutes. Sprinter tells the story of a family plagued by issues and centres around the main character, Akeem, fighting to find himself without the guidance of either of his parents as they are both living overseas. With that emotional support missing from his life, Akeem looks to his big brother (played by Wilson) as the ‘father figure’.