Lila Iké & Rebel Sixx

Lila Iké & Rebel Sixx

Lila Iké Shows Love To TriniBad Dancehall Artistes Rebel Sixx & Zerimar

Written by: Nekisha Neicy Cyrus

Jamaican Reggae Singer and Songwriter, Lila Iké recently showed her love for some of Trinidad’s Top Dancehall Artistes. On a recent Instagram live alongside Jamaican Dancehall newcomer Alandon, Lila highlighted a few of her favourite TriniBad Dancehall songs. The list included the late Rebel Sixx’s ‘Rifle War’ and Zerimar’s ‘Arima’.

During the IG live, Lila was also heard sharing the following sentiments:

‘Prince Swanny tough man

Them mad, them ah do they ting over there

Them tough, have a wicked vibe man

Them accent do ah thing’

Alandon, well known for his popular hit ‘Tighest’, also shared in the sentiments as well as he also recognized Prince Swanny while highlighting Boy Boy’s ‘Die, Die’ and mentioning Jahllano, the protégé.

Caribbean Entertainment Hub, was fortunate to save a clip of the live video, which we shared on our Instagram. To see the clip we’re referring to click here and enjoy! Trinibad to the World!

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