Joshua Regrello’s De Pan Man Concert A World Of Wonder

Written by: David Lawrence

De Pan Man Concert: World Of Wonder hosted by Joshua Regrello was held at the SAPA on January 20th, 2024. The concert literally took on a circus-like atmosphere with the Master of Ceremony dressed as a Ring Master with Clowns, Acrobats, and Jugglers replaced by Burokeets, Fancy Sailors, Pierrot Grenades, Clowns, Midnight Robbers, Ministrels and other traditional carnival characters. Of course, every circus must have a magician and there was Joshua Regrello performing magic on his to the amazement of the audience

In his grand opening act, playing a medley of soca classics on his tenor pan, Regrello displayed why he is considered one of the best panist in Trinidad & Tobago.

Throughout the night, Regrello made multiple appearances performing solo acts and accompanying the guest artists. One such solo performance was a medley of Ricardo Drue’s most popular hits. The crowd wined and swayed as he played Vagabond, Professional Drinker

The first major artist to grace the stage was Nailah Blackman. Dressed in gold she shone on stage singing her contributions for the 2024 carnival season. She ended her performance with “Best Self.”  sending the crowd into a frenzy, waving anything they had as she controlled them.

A deafening roar erupted as Olatunji took the stage to perform last year’s hit song “Engine Room” and his big hit for 2024 “Inventor”.

A crowd favorite was Aaron “Voice” St Louis who was accompanied by Joshua. His first song “Penthouse” was a wonder that left patrons at their seats’ edges humming and swaying as Joshua sang the melody on his tenor pan.  With Joshua playing the underbelly of the pan at times, the pair continued entertaining the crowd with “Trinidad Sweet”, and “Long Live Soca”, ending the set with “Out and Bad”.

A thunderous roar treated Mical Teja as he appeared onstage. He and Regrello perform Teja’s 2024 hit “DNA” to the delight of the crowd.  Keeping the same energy, they then switched to “Hall of Fame. With the crowd waiting in anticipation to sing about Lorraine in New York City. “Runaway” was performed to their delight. After a lengthy, high-energy performance Mical Teja sang goodbye to the crowd, performing DNA one last time with the lights off.

Regrello hosts an impromptu dance contest where 3 young ladies battle for prizes. He then continues to serenade with some of carnival’s favorite music. Songs he played during his ‘ramajay’ were his compositions “We Day”, “Play Panman Play”, and his hilarious vocals on “Pum Pum”.

Other performers were Christo performing his hits back to back; the crowd sang along enthusiastically to his song Red Gyal. Pumpa pumped up the energy of the crowd with his monster hit “The A List” and Coutain blended his beautiful voice with Joshua’s tenor pan during their rendition of “Junction”

With the audience ‘loving It’, Yung Bredda and his crew of Hotty and Pimpin came on for the steam portion of the show. They entertain the crowd for the last leg of the concert. Belting out hit after hit; some of their own and some covers of famous soca songs.

At the concert’s conclusion, Joshua Regrello came out and bid the audience Goodnight and goodbye. With the dancers out front, he gives thanks to the production crew, his host of many sponsors, Rawkus who organized the show, and of course his dancers.

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