Jimmy October's Healing Artwork

Jimmy October's Healing Artwork

Jimmy October Brings “Healing” In 2023

Written by: Overtime Media

Jimmy October is bringing healing to 2023. That’s literally the title of his latest release “Healing” and this twenty-something year old, Sangre Grande-native is determined to apply his sonic salvation to “the Mother of Carnivals”, Trinidad Carnival 2023, and to the wider world beyond our annual festival and tropical shores.

Jimmy is going places this year, literally! Recent appearances by this multi-talented, self-described New Calypso artiste on Kes’ “Magic” and on the West Coast leg of the band’s 2022 Liki Tiki tour 2022, attracted the attention of music innovator, Byron Kirkland and the Stealth Music Group, who released this statement about October:

“We are excited about our partnership with Jimmy October.  His artistic approach of combining calypso with world music is refreshing.  Jimmy October is a star!  There hasn’t been an artist from the Caribbean with his style/fashion and music sensibilities that has the courage to push and blend genres. Stealth Music Group/UnitedMasters looks forward to helping Jimmy October push his sound to the world.”

Born L’Shun Emmanuel, October admits he couldn’t be more thrilled about all of these developments and says he’s supremely focused on making the most of every opportunity:

“Being able to start the New Year with a new record and a new deal is an amazing feeling.

“I’m excited about my new body of work and grateful for the chance to work with United Masters—a company that so closely matches who I am as an artist. This year, I’ll be releasing more music and performing live at venues around the world: Working with Stealth Music Group and United Masters has given me the opportunity to get my music out into the world. My first single, “Healing” is only a small taste of what I see as an exciting year ahead for all of us as we fly the flag of Trinidad and Tobago higher and higher.”

Having built a following via numerous releases, appearances, and spoken word performances, October delivers a soothing, cleansing, inspiring dose of musical medicine with his first release of 2023. “Healing” is a powerful and melodic mantra sung over a riveting ‘Ampiano-styled’ riddim, produced by Michael “Tano” Montano. Montano’s other 2023 production: the High Street Riddim features Kes’ “Jub Jub”, Patrice’s “Grown Up”, Preedy on “Rocket”, Erphaan Alves on “Lifeline” and Mical Teja on ” Trini Gyal”.

With Kes’ music becoming the most streamed Soca act of 2022 and their second release “Liki Tiki” earning Grammy consideration, DGI is enthusiastic about working with Jimmy October and the Stealth Group.

“‘Jimmy is a musical innovator and there are no limits to what he can create.” Said Damon de Graff and Evan Vogel. “He is a true artist in every sense of the word, and now we’ve found the right home that will help him reach a wider international audience. We are excited to partner with Stealth Music/United Master and give Jimmy the platform to reach a global stage. This carnival season— with all its energy and spirit captured in this first release, “Healing” under our partnership—is a perfect way for us to start off 2023!”

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