Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin New Album “And Then”

Written by: David Lawrence

Christopher Martin is stirring up the Billboard Reggae Album Charts with his new album “And Then”. The album debuted at number 1 on May 17th 2019 and has since then went to number 22 only to jumped back to number 2 as of July 31st. The album was one of three other reggae albums that re-entered the top 10.

“And Then” is Chris Martin, now 32 years old, 2nd album; his first, “Big Deal”, reached the top 5 on the Reggae Billboard Charts in 2017. On this project, he worked with producers Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown, Kingyard Productions, Chimney Records, White Gad Productions and Robert Livingston.

“And Then” is a sweet, reggae serenade of love and life; it contains 15 tracks in which Chris Martin sings about the complexities of being in love. In “Is it Love” Chris tells of finding the perfect woman and a love so strong that produce tenderness and euphoria  which often leads to “Tears In Her Eyes”.  In “To Be With You”, “I Do It All”, and “Happy you’re Mine” he continues to croon about the subtleties and excitement of romance. “And Then” also contains the scenarios of breaking up and making up, in “I’m Tired” and “Still Got Feeling” love is lost, and if one needs to beg that special person to return, you can rely on the earnest pleading of Chris in “Come Back”. But, sometimes “True Love” may not last forever, especially if “Bun Fi Bun” takes place in the relationship; Chris makes it clear what to do then with the track “Can’t Dweet Again”.

Of course, the album has more good vibes to offer with the song “Life”, where Chris sings about living it up after finally hitting the jackpot. The album also features great rhythms to rock to and enjoy. Christopher Martin has again proved to be a great singer with great music to offer. In “And Then”, he showcase his musical versatility and growth and if he continues this trend, he’ll have many more And Then’s.

Caribbean Entertainment Hub Salute Chris On his 2nd album and invite you to listen to the whole album by clicking on the link below!


A Sample of  Christopher Martin “And Then”

1. Is It Love Christopher Martin 0:45
2. Tears In Her Eyes Christopher Martin 0:45
3. Happy You're Mine Christopher Martin 0:45
4. To Be With You Christopher Martin 0:45
5. Still Got Feeling ChristopherMartin 0:45
6. Bun Fi Bun Christopher Martin 0:45
7. Come Back Christopher Martin 0:46
8. Dweet Christopher Martin 0:45


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*Link to And Then album

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