Campari Models at Tribe Event

Campari Models at Tribe Event

Campari Displayed A Masterful Presence At Carnival 2023

Written by: Overtime Media

Carnival 2023 will go down in history as one of the most memorable seasons ever, due to the return of the Greatest Show on Earth after a two-year hiatus and the boundless and captivating energy which prevailed throughout the festival period. The music, fashion, mas, colour and creativity of our culture was displayed proudly during the season and on Carnival Monday and Tuesday throughout the streets of Port of Spain, Chaguanas, Arima, San Fernando, and other major cities and towns.

Known and recognised regionally as “the drink of Carnival”, Campari is also on the rebound since the pandemic and delivered an extravagant takeover with a masterful presence at several major events during the season and on the road with the big band, Tribe on Monday and Tuesday.

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From the glow-in-the-dark excitement and intrigue of Tribe Ignite’s “Neon” theme to the colourful fashions at YUP Life and Zele’s “Bacchanal Brunch”, “Brunch and Soca” and the J’ouvert-esque morning action at their “Festival of Color” event, the local Campari team made sure to punctuate all of the Carnival memories with their own signature colours and style. To be fair, the stylish Italian-made liquor brand has always played a leading role in powering some of the Caribbean’s most significant celebrations and high-frequency events.

Established pre-pandemic as “the official drink of Carnival”, the brand planned to make its mark again this year and “succeeded”, according to their Marketing Manager, Pavel Smith:

“Campari has always been a celebratory drink associated with good times and memorable experiences,” he said. “We had to be present this year to make our mark. We promised that this carnival experience would be even sweeter and we definitely conspired to take over the streets of Port-of-Spain.”

Kes the band reigned supreme at “Neon”, while Trinidad Killa stormed the stage at “Bacchanal Brunch” to add even more excitement to the “perfect combination of breakfast and alcohol”. Voice braved the largest paint, powder, and water festival event in the region held at Brian Lara Stadium on Carnival Sunday morning with little to no actual voice after a week full of shows including his own “Mecca” concert, but still got his message across to the masses nonetheless.

Crowd at Festival of Colours

Crowd at Festival of Colours

Year after year, Campari has always over-delivered at carnival and is known to create a spectacle at each event. From their elaborate set-ups, accessible bars, and trucks on the road to the good vibes and high synergy. Their prized memorabilia is always a hit with revellers and includes branded wave rags, mugs, tumblers, bottles, shirts, and more. The red vibrancy of the brand is synonymous with Trinidadian culture and our bold country flag.

“This year we outfitted the bar areas in these carefully selected soca fetes with a branded backdrop for cool photo ops, Campari trucks, sampling stations, wave rags, branded cups, and shirts and also made our presence felt with a bevy of beautiful influencers, decked out in show-stopping costumes on the road,” shared Smith. “Our brand holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the people of Trinidad and I think that is why we are loved and embraced every time we appear…”

With many Trinbagonians already preparing for Jamaica’s upcoming Carnival festivities in April, you can be sure that “the official drink of Carnival” will be present and highly visible there also to continue the rich tradition of celebrating the music and culture of the Caribbean.

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