Jomario Goddard presenting Kia Redman with her award for Best Film Editing for a Short Film

Jomario Goddard presenting Kia Redman with her award for Best Film Editing for a Short Film

2018 Barbados Visual Media Festival Winners

Written by: Shamar Blunt

The big winner of this year’s Barbados Visual Media Festival this weekend (October 28th 2018) was undoubtedly Kia Redman with her film entitled ‘Roots | Routes’.

This film captured a grand total of five awards which included Best Sound for a Short Film, Best Cinematography for a Short Film, Best Film Editing for a Short Film, Best Director for a Short Film, and finally, the coveted award for Best Short Film. Her film is what one would deem “artsy” in its portrayal of Bajan life. It’s truly not the usual type of film you would see in the West Indies, but it’s worth a viewing if you are for supporting the arts.

While taking some time after the ceremony, the budding young filmmaker had this to share with about her winning short film.

“…All the six different mini animations are based on experiences you have when you’re a child or the current experiences [of] living in this place.

Instead of the old definitions of culture like the Mother Sally, Crop Over and of everything you can sort of  identify with but not truly, I was trying to find a thing that no matter where in the world you go or where you see this thing, or you hear this thing [you] know that it is something Bajan.”

Ms Redman also went on to point out how taking these small aspects from Barbadian culture, the Shirley Biscuits, the zr van and other visuals taking from our main city of Bridgetown, inspired the title of the film, ‘Roots| Routes’.

Best Actor and Actress in a Lead Role were Brandon Blackman in his role in the movie ‘In Dreams’ and Keshia Pope who portrayed Rachel in ‘Tek Dat’.

Simon Alleyne on the right presenting Brandon Blackman with his Best Actor award Simon Alleyne on the right presenting Brandon Blackman with his Best Actor award

Brandon Blackman did not speak long during his thank you speech, however he did thank his family and friends for their support, especially his brother, who had flown in from New York, just to witness his brother’s achievements.

Keshia Pope was also thankful upon receiving her award, and stated bluntly how she is looking forward to working with more local film makers in the future.

Jomario ‘Joe Cloudy’ Goddard, the well-known an experienced music video producer on the island took home the award for Best Music Video with his entry ‘Live & Let Live’ which had Aja feat. Jackie Opel and the Troubadours.

Overall this year’s awards felt slightly low-key, but at the same time were received very well by the local film and video fraternity.


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