DJ Jahmar’s “Fantan Mojah Guh Dung” Set To Make Waves In The Dancehall Scene

Written by: Flair Lindsey

Shinealous Records proudly announces the upcoming release of “Fantan Mojah Guh Dung,” a collaboration between the esteemed DJ Jahmar and renowned Reggae and Dancehall artist Fantan Mojah. This upbeat Dancehall banger delves into one of the genre’s hottest topics, promising an electrifying listening experience for generations of worldwide fans.

DJ Jahmar, a towering figure in Arizona’s music landscape, not only heads the state’s acclaimed “12 Tribes” sound system, but also commands respect as an industry icon on the club scene. With a repertoire that blends his heritage of Dancehall and Reggae, DJ Jahmar has graced the stages of the biggest festivals and shows, captivating audiences with his infectious beats and vibrant performances.

The genesis of “Fantan Mojah Guh Dung” traces back to Kingston, Jamaica, where DJ Jahmar and Fantan Mojah forged a bond through philanthropic endeavors.

Dj Jahmar

Dj Jahmar

Fantan Mojah, renowned for his contributions to Reggae and Dancehall with a catalogue of classic cultural hits, brings his signature delivery and artistic prowess to this latest collabo, infusing the track with unparalleled energy and charisma.

“I really appreciate that Fantan Mojah expands musical boundaries on this single,” says DJ Jahmar. “There’s a hardcore Dancehall element on
‘Fantan Mojah Guh Dung,’ which sees the legendary artist boldly stepping outside of his musical comfort zone. Yet, Fantan Mojah doesn’t miss a beat on the release, with his versatility beaming.”

Scheduled for impact on July 5, “Fantan Mojah Guh Dung” will be accompanied by a stunning visualizer on Vevo, hosted by Shinealous Records and powered by Symphonic. This release promises to leave an indelible mark on Dancehall, combining DJ Jahmar’s expertise with Fantan Mojah’s firebrand delivery to create a masterpiece that resonates with fans and critics alike.

Stay tuned for the official release of “Fantan Mojah Guh Dung” on July 5, as DJ Jahmar and Fantan Mojah join forces to ignite the music world with their unparalleled talent and infectious beats.

The highly anticipated “Fantan Mojah Guh Dung” is the second release hailing from Shinealous Records, since their distribution partnership with Symphonic. Owned and operated by Edley Shine, formerly of Born Jamericans, Shinealous Records’ mission is to bring authentic Reggae, Hip Hop and Dancehall back to global prominence, with great records and marketing.

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