Vincymas Promotion Celebrates Phenomenal Success During T&T’s Carnival

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Vincymas, the vibrant celebration of Vincentian culture, has emerged triumphant during Trinidad & Tobago’s 2024 Carnival season, captivating audiences with its unique flair and energy. The promotion, which showcased the rich cultural heritage of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, garnered widespread acclaim and enthusiasm from T&T Carnival-goers during the recent festivities.

From February 6th to 13th 2024, Vincymas took centre stage amidst the pulsating rhythms and dazzling spectacles of Trinidad &Tobago’s Carnival. Organized by SVG’s Carnival Development Corporation (CDC), the promotion which was spearheaded by Marketing and Development Officer Mr. Esworth “Ezzie” Roberts aimed to showcase the diverse traditions, music, and flavours of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

During his time on location in Trinidad, Roberts along with his brand ambassadors represented Vincymas at several media interviews on Trinidad’s top Television morning shows, radio stations as well as print and online outlets. The promotional team from the CDC also solidified Vincymas’ presence during the festivities with strategically branded activations at key T&T Carnival events which included a booth at the Trinidad edition of the popular premium all-inclusive event ‘Brunch & Soca’ (a collaboration of Skinny Fabulous and Yung Hova Marketing Group) and a booth on the bustling epicentre of Ariapita Avenue during the famous Carnival Monday and Tuesday grand parades.

These activations featured several attributes such as photo ops for visitors with the Vincymas brand ambassadors, samples of indigenous SVG products, Vincymas branded fete swag, giveaways and other unique audience engagements to inform the massive crowd of masqueraders, tourists and onlookers about the upcoming summer festival.

Visitors to the booths also scanned the Vincymas QR code with their mobile devices which connected them to the festival’s official website and social media pages, thus enabling them to find out more about Carnival in SVG.

Regarding the success of this promotion, Roberts shared, “We look at this as an opportunity to not only promote our festival to the Trinbagonian population but to engage with various persons from the international market who come to T&T’s Carnival. We encourage the masses to come and experience the all-encompassing callaloo that is Vincymas”.

As the curtains draw to a close on Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival, the success of Vincymas stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Caribbean culture and the power of celebration to unite communities in joy and revelry.

Vincymas celebrations are set for June 28th to July 9th 2024.

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