Vibes With Voicey 2021 Brooklyn, NY: The Energy Was Amazing

Written by: David Lawrence

It was as advertised; the ‘Big Wave’ arrived and the Energy was Amazing. Yes! ‘Vibes with Voicey’ at the Brooklyn Museum was a ‘movie’ as hundreds of soca-loving fans assembled to fete and vibe to live performances of some of their favorite soca artistes. Deprived for over a year and a half from indulging in their favorite pastime because of the pandemic, the New York, Tri-state ‘feteaholics’ waited for their turn as the ‘Vibes with Voicey’ tour wind its way northwards from Miami, Florida during the month of August. And when it was their time to party, there was an explosion of pent-up energies, a REBIRTH of the carnival spirit that manifested in dancing, jumping, wining, waving, screaming, and of course, laughing. It was a celebration that the worst is behind us and soon things will be back to normal.

Before the star-studded field made its appearance, the stage was set by DJ Travis World, the crew from Voice IG Live, and others; they had the crowd hyped to the max and receptive for the acts that would soon follow. Not in order of appearances, they were Farmer Nappy, Teddyson John, GBM Nutron, Ding Dong Viking, Alison Hinds, Lyrikal, Problem Child, Nadia Batson, Patrice Roberts, Kerwin Du Bois, Adam O, Kranium, Wuss Ways, DEVNY, and the man of the moment, Voice.

A symbiotic relationship existed between performers and patrons each feeding off the energy of the other igniting the cool post-summer evening air into a buzz of excitement, laughter, and a carnival-like party atmosphere. Artiste after artist came with their A-game; dresses to impress they did not fail to move the crowd with commands to sing along or jump and wave. The joy of being in front of their adoring fans was evident in every aspect of their being and determinative in the giving of their best. It was indeed a delightful occasion people were at a ‘Happy Place’ and singing ‘Fete Cyah Over’.

Many more can be said on each of the acts that graced the stage but space will only permit me to write on the host, Voice the Artiste.

Aaron ‘Voice’ St.Louis who started off as a behind the scene writer was first uncertain of his singing ability. However, after encouragement from Kerwin Du Bois and others, he decided to start singing professionally and had rapid success in winning the Groovy Soca Monarch thrice. This ‘Vibes with Voicey’ tour, his weekly Instagram live series, and his performance on stage showed that he is now fully confident of every aspect of his abilities not only as an artiste but also on the business side of things. To learn more of his present mindset listen to the lyrics of his recently released song “Peace of Mind”.

But let’s focus on Voice stage performances. Most of his music is heavy with positive lyrics and make good listening and radio songs. But Voice has developed the art of turning them into upbeat ‘danceables’, even jump and wave sing-alongs when he is on stage. In so doing, he has created dual-purpose songs and is well on his way to bigger things. Well grown and impeccably dressed, his stage presence is felt, his lyrics are audible and he moves with grace dancing, gyrating, or jumping as he commands the crowd leading them where ever he wants; he stays in the moment and feeds of their energy.

Basking in his glory, Voice called on his mother to join him on stage to celebrate the moment. As the two embraced, Voice clearly got emotional and could not hold back the tears that trickled down his cheeks for his mother is the one he credits for the man he has become today.

Voice hugging his mother

Voice hugging his mother

With ‘Peace of Mind’, the boy from San Juan, Trinidad is making his way into a future of endless possibilities. Caribbean Entertainment wishes him well as he tries to take soca to higher heights and further afield.

For more coverage of ‘Vibes with Voicey’ check out our video Playlist

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