Lyrikal Voice & dancers

Lyrikal Voice & dancers

New York ‘Vibes With Voicey 2023 Long Live Soca Tour’: A Huge Success

Written by: David Lawrence

The recent edition of ‘Vibes With Voicey’ titled “Long Live Soca Tour” on the Thursday of Labor Day weekend in New York 2023 was a huge success. Held in the parking lot of the Brooklyn Museum, the event had a wall-to-wall capacity crowd of soca lovers in both VIP and general admission.

From early in the evening fans could be seen lining up outside the gates and by nightfall, a large festive crowd was patiently waiting for the show to start. Dressed in beautiful, colorful outfits, they came with flags to represent their country and to jump and dance the night away.

Good things come to those who wait and as patrons waited for Voice and his friends to hit the stage, the well-known crew of the  Instagram-Live show “Vibes with Voicey”: Major Penny, DJ Elon, Travis World, and Akeem 5.0, together with Salty, Starkidd, Freeze Intl and others Djs kept the crowd thoroughly entertained and in a party mood. Mixing in with the DJ session were performances by Jadel shaking  her booty, Luni Spark and Electrify electrifying the atmosphere with their high-energy act; Suhrawh ‘swimming’ “in The Water”; Quan de Artist showing off his “Waistline”; and Marlo singing “me alone drink a whole bottle of rum” with the audience joining in the refrain “horn in meh mudacunt”

Indeed it was a night when the whole Caribbean was represented. Not only by the waving of flags from the different islands but also by performances from artists from all over the region: Virgin Islands – Adamo O. and Pumpa; Grenada – V’ghn, and Luni Sparks and Electrify; Dominica – Asa Bantan; Barbados – Alison Hinds, Quan De Artists, Lead pipe, and Saddis; St Vincent – Suhrawh, Marlo, and Skinny Fabulous;  New York – GBM Nutron, and Lyrikal; and of course Trinidad and Tobago – Jadel, Mical Teja, Viking Ding Dong, Nailah Blackman, and Voice; and the biggest surprise of the night Jada Kingdom a.k.a. “Twinkle” out of Jamaica with her sex appeal persona.

From his first appearance to the last, Voice was on a mission to ‘shell’ the place. His personality glowed brighter than the spotlight as he gracefully introduced fellow artists and humored patrons with his charm. Impeccably dressed and the perfect showman he seamlessly played the dual role of host and star performer.

Indeed the night belonged to Voice and his heartfelt performance. “Long Live Soca”, his opening act, set the stage and the theme of the show; the prince of Soca celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Soca. Dressed in red and black with a stripe of white on his trousers, Voice proudly celebrated  Trinidad and Tobago on the day of its Independence with numerous announcements and flag-waving. He performed three sets of solo performances and often paired with guest performers to the delight of the crowd.

Stand-out moments included Pumpa doing an “A-list” roll call; Voice’s performances with V’ghn and Alison Hinds, and his romantic groovy solo set where he displayed his tender side and danced up close with a female. The surprise appearance of Jada Kingdom was also a delightful addition to the cast.

The franchise “Vibes With Voicey” has grown into a successful staple on many carnival circuits internationally. Caribbean Entertainment Hub would like to congratulate BlackStar Entertainment Group for an excellent product with high customer satisfaction and minor complaints.

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