Prince JP

Prince JP

CEH Sept 2021 New Chutney Soca Releases Spotlights Prince JP “The Love Man Of Chutney Soca”

Written by: David Lawrence

Guyanese Prince JP can easily be called the “Love man of Chutney Soca”. Ever since his mega-hit song ‘Never Make You Cry’ in 2013, JP has found his niche and has continued to release hits after hits that strictly deal with the affairs of the heart. His biggest so far, “It,s Over” released in 2020, has over 2M views and counting. Others hits are “You Always Accusing Me”(2014), “She’s Driving Meh Crazy”(2015), “I Will Always Love You” (2017), “The One Fuh Meh” (2018), “Till The Day”(2021), and his latest, “Can’t Stop Loving You”

“Can’t Stop Loving You” has heartfelt lyrics and a beautiful melody floating on a rhythm that is a perfect blend of modern genres and traditional chutney. So far the comments on YouTube show that the fans are loving it.

  • “Another great hit! Love it!!!! This man is soooooo talented, every song is so original and this has such a beautiful melody! 💯👍🏽👍🏽”
  • “Another amazing chune👌🔥❤”
  •  “Beautiful song! Gorgeous scenery! 🔥💯
  • “Great song bro keep it going 💚💜you keep getting better and better everytime”

Prince JP whose real name is Joel Pharous grew up in West Ruimveldt in Guyana and later moved to Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara. At the age of 10 years, Joel joined the West Ruimveldt School choir where his talent was recognized and encouraged by the music teacher. But it was in 2011 at age 22 when he entered the GT&T Jingle and Song Competition and placed second that he realized his true potential and found his voice.

Today, Prince is viewed as a singing sensation and a talented songwriter in Guyana and on the Chutney soca circuit and continues to grow and develop as an artiste. He can be followed on social media at:




Our Current playlist below indicates that a shift in the dominant topic of Chutney soca songs from rum drinking to romance may be taking place. This is a welcome change indeed and we hope that it persists.

1. Can't Stop Loving You Prince Jp 0:45
2. Shining Star Kenneth Salick 0:45
3. Tippy Toe Sexi Marissa X Terry G 0:45
4. Chutney King Artical Don 0:45
5. Dheere Dheere Kuch To Terry Gajraj X Dignitery 0:45
6. Nah Me Rescue 911 0:45
7. I Dont Want To Live Alone Rikki Jai 0:45
8. Love No One Again Nishal B 0:45
9. Potholes Too Deep Robbie Constantine 0:45
10. Callin Meh Nigel Gobin 0:45

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