CEH November 2023 New Reggae Releases Spotlights Protoje’s “Still I Want Her”

Written by: Adela Scotland

This month we chose a song with the upbeat, catchy, feel-good elements of a Christmas song but without all of the Christmas stuff; “Still I Want Her” by Protoje and Zion I Kings is such a song. Its melody sings about yearning after a partner that isn’t right for you. The harmonies lament about the ups and downs of lusting after someone you shouldn’t want. However, it doesn’t do so with a slow-paced rhythm rather it uses a vivacious guitar beat with smooth drumming to convey the meaning of the song. The collaboration between Protoje and Zion I kings is a reinterpretation of his previous work. It adds new flavor, body, soul, and meaning to his classic songs. Thus making it the perfect complimentary song for the Holidays.

It can be argued that Protoje, a Jamaican-born Reggae singer-songwriter is currently one of the most influential figures in the Reggae industry. Protoje rose to fame during the Reggae Revival. A period during which reggae went through rebirth and grew significantly in terms of popularity. In 2014, he had his major break-out with his song, “Who Knows It ft Chronixx.” Throughout his career, he has gathered Grammy Nominations and performed at prolific music festivals such as Coachella.

Zion I Kings is a music production company that produces tracks and remixes of some of the biggest names in the dancehall and reggae industry.


Here are the links for Protoje’s social media:




Here are the links for Zion I Kings’ social media:




In addition to “Still I Want Her” by Protoje and Zion I Kings here are 10 songs to compliment your brewing holiday mood:


1. Still I Want Her Protoje, Zion I Kings 0:45
2. Rose Petal Busy Signal 0:45
3. Used To Be Ce'Cile 0:45
4. Hypnotize Me Echo Minott & Little Lion Sound 0:44
5. Royal Black Woman Pressure Busspipe · Wade Johnson · Fabrice Allegre · Delyno Brown · Frenchie 0:45
6. Outside Samory I Ft. Lila Iké 0:45
7. Sufferation Yaadcore x Fred Locks 0:45
8. Consider Me Ginjah 0:45
9. Organic Stuff Julian Marley & Chris Daniels 0:45
10. Just wanna dance ft, His wife Mr. Ice Block 0:45
11. Jah Live Anthony B & Rad Dixon 0:45
12. Got Me On The Run Slightly Stoopid x Stick Figure x Pepper 0:45

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