CEH Jan 2023 Reggae New Releases Spotlights KashieF Lindo

Written by: Adela Scotland

“New Year, New Me, New Music.” It’s 2023 and the New Year, New Me vibes are trending. To keep your company as you set your new year’s resolutions and goals, Caribbean Entertainment Hub has procured a list of songs that should bring you emotional healing and good vibes.

With special focus on “Coldest days of my Life,” by KashieF Lindo; a groovy reggae tune that reminisces about the loss of a lover. The song which was released in the last week of November 2022 is a remake of “The  Chi- Lites,” a 1972 hit. What is most interesting about this rendition is the fact that the Lead Singer KashieF Lindo did not only sing the lead and backup vocals but also played the majority of the instruments in the song; he played the bass, piano, organ, and keyboard parts. With so much musical talent under his belt, it is no surprise that the song is gaining traction as it is # 19  on the Jamaican Reggae music charts.

But who is KasieF Lindo; the musical talent behind this catchy reggae tune? Born in Kingston Jamaica in 1978, KashieF Lindo is a reggae artist who is signed to the Heavy Beat record label. Lindo’s upbringing fostered his musical talent and desire to produce music as his Father Willie Lindo wrote songs for popular Reggae Artists such as Bres Hammond, Dennis Brown, and Maxi Priest. Last.fm.com asserts that “KashieF’s father took him to the studio almost every day from his birth.”

In addition to Reggae and Soca music, KashieF pulls inspiration for his songs from R&b, Hip Hop, Latin, and Soulful Ballads. The music of R&B and soulful ballads is noticeable in the “Coldest Days of My Life” and it makes the pain that the person is experiencing all the more relatable.

KashieF’s first album “Trouble Free” was quite successful in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Over the years KashieF has moulded his musical inclination into impressive talent and has produced many catchy songs that have brought him some spotlight. In 1988 the Tamika Awards Group presented KashieF with the “Best Male Singer Award.” He also received the 1999 Reggae Soca Award for the “Album of the Year” for his album entitled “We Need Love.”

To hear more music from KashieF Lindo or just to see what he’s up to you can follow him on instagram @kashieflindo.

In addition to “Coldest days of My Life,” The Caribbean Entertainment Hub has put together a list of new releases that will have you contemplating life, moving, and grooving for the new year.

1. Coldest Days Of My Life KashieF Lindo 0:45
2. Gemini Sahfy 0:45
3. You Can Have It All Maoli 0:45
4. It's a Beautiful Day The Kiffness x Rushawn 0:45
5. Robert Ffrench Everyday of My Life undefined 0:45
6. Desperate Lover Tarrus Riley 0:45
7. Etana & Klyve You and Me [City Lock Sound] Release 2023 0:45
8. Your Love Is Forever Paul Frederick 0:45
9. Foundation Rootz Underground 0:45
10. Badman Round Here Little Hero 0:45


Hear more like this on our Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1OXCPublEjXzSroRzRzsJ4?si=28fe0a8a3e3f4def


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