CEH 2023 July New Soca Releases Spotlights Mr. Killa & Spice’s ‘Big Truck’

Written by: Nekisha 'Neicy' Cyrus

It’s a Grenada & Jamaica soca music link-up!

Yes, the Grenadian Soca King, Mr. Killa, and the Jamaican Queen of Dancehall, Spice have teamed up to drop a monster release, ‘Big Truck’.
We hope you have your radios cranked all the way up as this new single is an electrifying and energetic soca collaboration. Which is expected, I mean…Mr. Killa & Spice on a song together, it’s only right….Right!

The collab produced by Tray Otto and Mr. Killa, features Rayne RainMan Chesterfield Basema. It was mixed and mastered by M. V. G Productions and recorded at Artick Studio. And of course, we had to check with the fans to see how they have been enjoying this surprise release. Here’s what the YouTube streets had to say about it:

@aaliyahrichardson-charles2905– ‘Most unexpected collab ever so far’😳🥵🔥😎🇬🇩🇯🇲

Lol, these comments surely have us cracking up!

For more updates on Mr. Killa and Spice, be sure to follow them both on social media.

Check out what new soca releases are trending this month in our 2023 July soca playlist below!


1. Big Truck Mr. Killa x Spice 0:45
2. Enjoy Yaself Adrian Clarke 0:45
3. In Me Head Mr. Gold'N 0:45
4. YOUR LOVE Voice x Tempoe x Walshy Fire 0:45
5. La La | Saga Boy Hey Choppi & Nailah Blackman 0:45
6. Honey It's Love Nisha Baksh and Zan 0:45
7. Friday Faith Callender 0:45
8. Welcome To Spicemas V'ghn 0:45
9. Summer Body College Boy Jesse x Cheem - 0:45
10. My Size MarzVille and Skinny Fabulous 0:45
11. Pepperpot KASH x Father Philis - 0:45
12. Road Rae x Viggy 0:45

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