CEH 2023 Aug New Soca Releases Spotlights Idris Elba’s ‘We Run The Area’

Written by: Nekisha 'Neicy' Cyrus

London-based super producer Toddla T teams up with talented English Actor & Singer/ Songwriter, Idris Elba alongside Trini legends Jus Now and Bunji Garlin for the official Soca remix of the ‘We Run the Area’. 

The impressive single ‘We Run The Area (Jus Now X Bunji Garlin Soca Remix)’ showcases Idris Elba’s exceptional musical abilities and is sure to captivate listeners. Not only does it feature the award-winning artists General LevyBunji GarlinNaomi CowanToddla T, and Jus Now, but each artist delivers scorching verses that add depth and energy to the track. This amazing record is a must-have addition to your playlist.

Jus Now give the Soca treatment to the original featuring none other than Caribbean music lover and popular actor Idris Elba, alongside reggae royalty Naomi Cowan and UK dancehall head General Levy.

Of this genre-bending project, Toddla T, producer of the smash hit ‘Boasty’, says

“Naomi and I were talking about a remix centered around the Caribbean, not just Jamaica, but all the islands… and as carnival is pending in the UK, we thought it was a no brainer.

When it comes to Soca, Bunji is the Viking, and I thought I’d hit my musical brothers Jus Now, who’ve dropped some previous Soca bangers with Bunji. It’s an absolute carnival monster that will kick off any truck at Notting Hill and also resonate through the West Indies. Jheez!”

With its infectious beats and catchy melodies, is a song that will have you hooked from the first listen. It’s also a testament to Idris Elba’s talent as both a singer and songwriter, and it further solidifies his position as a rising star in the music industry.

This and more trending this month in our 2023 August Soca playlist below!

1. We Run The Area (Jus Now Remix) Idris Elba, General Levy, Bunji, Toddla T & Naomi 0:45
2. Jam on Something Azaryah X The Fatha 0:46
3. Origi Benjai 0:45
4. Stick On Lyrikal x System32 0:46
5. For Me College Boy Jesse x Dj Spider 0:45
6. Hairy Bank J Angel 1:02
7. Lovah Nessa Preppy x Dj Spider 0:45
8. Tears Rupee x Black Shadow 0:49
9. Happy To See Me Skorch Bun It 0:45
10. Head Gone Viking Ding Dong x System32 0:46

Source- https://justnaija.com, https://missgaza.com

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