Third Time's The Charm album cover

Third Time's The Charm album cover

CEH 2022 Aug & Sept Reggae Releases Spotlights Protoje’s “Third Time’s The Charm”

Written by: Lessandra Scott

You know what they say about that third time being kind of a charm.

Oje Ken Ollivierre best known as Protoje has released his sixth studio album ‘Third Time’s The Charm. Leading up to his very-much-teased album, a couple of singles that made up its tracklist were released ahead of the September 23rd album debut. These singles are ‘HILLS’, ‘Incient Stepping’, ‘Family’, ‘Late at Night’ and ‘Ten Cane Row’. In fact, Ten Cane Row, which is the sixth track, was done in collaboration with Jorja Smith who he drew inspiration from.

“The inspiration really is Jorja Smith to be honest. Because you know when she just came out, her hairstyle, she would always have her hair like done in like cane rows, and when I started to vibe the song, and the idea came up, the ten cane row line “and she have her edges laid with bout ten cane row”.

“Immediately I met Jorja, the idea came like “yo, maybe, you know, she have fi sing the song with me” and me make up me mind seh that if she doesn’t do this song in my mind I was like, I’m not putting it out. It was also when she actually was like, “yo, I love this song, I love the vibe, love the energy. Working on my album now but, you know, imma take the time and do the song for you.”

“Crazy thing is I actually met her too at a stage show twice. Her own first. We both did a thing for Roots’ Grammy Show in LA. So you know her voice is like crazy pon it but yeah, the inspiration really came from her hairstyle so it’s very poetic that she actually did the feature as well.” 

In addition to Jorja Smith, featured on his album are Jesse Royal (Family), Lila Iké (Late At Night), Iotosh (Here Comes The Morning), and Samory I (Heavy Load).

‘Third Time’s the Charm’, according to KingDigg: “concludes this trilogy of albums that directly focus on my study of time and how important it is to make sure what you’re doing is fulfilling you in every way,” he said. “Sonically it’s a bit more reggae than my last, even though reggae is always the root, I had some fun implementing all the sounds I’ve grown to love.” 

‘Third Time’s The Charm’ follows Protoje’s 2018 LP ‘A Matter of Time’ and 2020’s ‘In Search of Lost Time’. 

Protoje’s US Tour which began on September 9th in Atlanta is winding down and is ending soon on October 8th in Las Vegas.  Jesse Royal and Lila Iké performed with him across America including the cities of Atlanta, New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles with the last of his performances in California.


1. Ten Cane Row Ft. Jorja Smith Protoje 0:45
2. The Kalling ft. Stephen Marley, Protoje, Jesse Royal Kabaka Pyramid 0:45
3. BabyBlue Tarrus Riley 0:45
4. Every Day Conkarah 0:45
5. Guaranteed | Official Music Video Christopher Martin 0:45
6. Jane Skip Marley, Ayra Starr 0:45
7. Family Ft. Jesse Royal Protoje 0:45
8. Late at Night Ft. Lila Iké Protoje 0:45
9. Grateful Mi Know Jah | Official Music Video A#keem 0:45
10. Duane Stephenson & Exco Levi That's What She Loves [Penthouse Records] (New Song 2022) 0:45
11. People Teejay 0:43
12. Love For Me Protoje 0:45

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