Magnum Top Performa

Magnum Top Performa

Magnum Launches ‘Top Performa’ Contest To Spotlight New Talent

Written by: Nekisha Neicy Cyrus

Calling ALL Lyricists in Jamaica! Magnum just announced their ‘Top Performa’ contest with a cash prize of J$2 million to be won.

Magnum Tonic Wine is an alcoholic brew made in Jamaica and has been unofficially labeled the drink of dancehall. In an effort to continue providing opportunities and a platform for emerging artistes and talent to be seen and heard, they have announced their new ‘Magnum Top Performa’, a lyrical cypher competition. This new competition will give (12) artistes a chance to showcase their lyrical ability while competing for a chance to win J$2 million; along with a first-place bonus prize of a song and music video produced by Romeich Entertainment of Jamaica (see the full prize breakdown below).


So what exactly do you have to do to enter?

All interested participants MUST reside in Jamaica to be eligible to enter and win!

To enter, all participants can visit and download the entry ‘riddim’ available under the ‘Top Performa’ category. Then record and submit their song along with their contact information. All submissions must be no shorter than 30 seconds and entries close on Wednesday 22nd September 2021. After which, all selected finalists will be contacted by a Magnum representative.

The pre-recorded show will be hosted by popular Dancehall DJ Bishop Escobar and aired exclusively on (see below for the full breakdown of the contest).

Performances will air every Saturday over nine weeks, with artistes facing off against each other, freestyling to “16 bars” on rhythms played by a host DJ. The show will also feature:

  • 3 rounds (first the preliminaries with 12 contestants)
  • 7 aired performances
  • The semi-finals with 4 finalists and
  • The finals with 2 finalists (where the ‘Top Performa’ will be crowned)

According to their Regional Marketing Manager, Kamal Powell;

“We are always excited whenever we have a new project, Top Performa will definitely be successful, similar to our other projects. Magnum is happy to be a part of the driving force that constantly propels entertainers to make strides in the industry. I also want to take the opportunity to extend my thanks to Romeich and his team, for seeing the vision and being a part of this initiative.”

Also adding that the Magnum team is looking for style, flair, creativity, and good energy.

Jamaican Entertainment Mogul, Romeich chimed in to share his excitement as well:

“I’m happy to be a part of the Magnum Top Performa project. The industry needs more platforms like this because we have so many talented youths in Jamaica and all they need is the right platform to advance. Big up Magnum once again for offering their platform and I look forward to working with the winner once crowned.”

And we can’t forget about the fans who will also be voting online at for their favorite ‘Top Performa’s’ spot in the competition. So who will be the winner, we guess you will just have to tune in to find out!

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