‘In We Place’: A Novel Grenadian Music Show

Written by: Lesandra Scott

With soca and its Jab Jab infused rhythm being synonymous with Grenada’s music, many artistes of other genres, though extremely talented, have often fallen by the wayside. ‘In We Place’, a music show dedicated to showcasing the non-soca diverse talent of Grenada’s musical landscape has come to the rescue. The show will highlight a variety of artistes from Gospel, Rap, Soul, Dancehall and Hip-Hop.

Created by the Grenada Film Company in collaboration with ‘Artfullyours’, ‘In We Place’ takes a novel approach to a music show. From the minds of Teddy Frederick and Kara Benjamin to Teddy’s computer, and then to the veranda of his studio is the story of how the set for the show was conceived; it took the form of a wooden house. In keeping with the vision, the house was painted yellow with its windows and doors a funky pink. However, the set isn’t just the board house, and its design will constantly be changing for every episode as it will reflect the performing artiste.

Jeverson Ramirez

Jeverson Ramirez

For the premiere performance, Jeverson Ramirez, found himself singing atop a barrel as his Guitarist, Nick Lotto (singer, songwriter and leader of New York band, Exit Daze), strung along to the beat of his original single, “Pray For Your Son”. Nick at times can be seen with his head thrown back against the house as he felt the emotions of Jeverson singing. The 4:13 minute live acoustic performance started with Jeverson entering the house and flicking on its lights; it ended in the same fashion but with him taking off lights and locking up the wooden structure.


Here are some of the comments on Jeverson Ramirez performance and the show so far:

“Wow, this is so deep and inspirational. Well done! I’m adding to the list.”

“Such a powerful performance, also this is such a dope video, something new, something refreshing and inspiring! Great Job! 🔥”

“Awesome Voice, awesome production, awesome performance!”

In We Place is in its first season and aims to produce seven episodes along with a live finale.


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