Jeverson Ramirez & Jonathan Francis

Jeverson Ramirez & Jonathan Francis

Grenada’s Artistes With A Global Perspective

Written by: Lesandra Scott

Grenada, although known for Jab Jab and waist-moving Soca, has been producing artistes on other sides of the musical spectrum. Their music is international in scope with talent and ability that can rival many. These are Grenada’s artistes with a global perspective and Caribbean Entertainment Hub will continue to spotlight this group of amazing talent, some of whom we have already introduced you to.

Jeverson Ramirez is a 27-year-old singer/songwriter who can command one’s attention and effortlessly holds it with his vocals; he performs weekly with his band at one of Grenada’s leading resort, ‘The True Blue Bay Resort’.

Emotionally affected by the 2020 gruesome death of George Floyd, Jeverson composed the lyrics to his debut single, ‘Pray For Your Son’. The song which was produced by guitarist, Nick Lotto, and sang by Jeverson created a ripple in Grenada’s music pool.

Through the lyrics of ‘Pray For Your Son’, Jeverson Ramirez teaches us an important lesson: distance doesn’t stop support. For when the world was mourning and coping with the brazen acts against the black community in the United States, Jeverson stood with his black brothers and sisters the only way he knew how; with his pen and his voice.

Another musical act worthy of showcasing is Jonathan Francis. His first release of 2021 is the Eugene Gittens produced single, ‘Till The Morning Time’. With a penchant for hitting melodious high notes, he makes a unique addition to Grenada’s reggae pool. Though, to be honest, it isn’t the only genre he flexes his vocals in. In December 2020, he released the fitting single, ‘Where Is Christmas’, and in March, he collaborated with a newcomer to the Hip Hop/R&B genre, OfficialAngello, on the single, ‘Cold World’.

Although Jonathan is very passionate about music, with over a decade of involvement under his belt, it isn’t his only interest. Theatre and his experience on stage, in that respect, have played a helping hand in his music career, specifically his video for ‘Till The Morning Time’, where his playful deceit of marriage had viewers hoodwinked.

If you think that Jeverson Ramirez and Jonathan Francis are the only artistes that comprise the other side of Grenada’s musical genres, then you are in for a surprise. Click the link below to listen to some more of Grenada’s artistes with a global perspective.

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