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Trini-Author, Daniel Francis Launches 2nd Book ‘The Millennial Experience’

Author(s): Daniel Francis

His mission to helping his fellow Millennials unlock their fullest potential continues.

Trinidadian author, Daniel Francis is launching his second book, ‘The Millennial Experience The Second Coming’ on the Anniversary of his 1st, ‘The Millennial Mind’. Wow, what a way to celebrate your book anniversary right? Imagine you launch your first book amidst a pandemic. The country is in lockdown but you set an ambitious goal of selling 1000 copies of your first-ever book and launching another book in one year’s time. Pretty Ambitious right?

“I was not exactly sure what to expect, however, I was not gonna let anything stop me from achieving my goals even though the odds were stacked against me’, Daniel shared. And in excellent form, not only did he surpass his goal of 1000 books being sold, but we’re actually a few days away from the official launch of his second book which is carded for April 15th, 2021.

Front Cover- The Millennial Experience

The Millennial Experience (Front Cover)

Last year, Daniel M. Francis launched his first book geared to Millennials. (A Millennial is anyone born between 1981 and 1996 – ages 25 to 40 in 2021.) In addition to being a Millennial, Daniel trains them professionally as a personal development coach. Over the past 4 years under ReBIT Limited he has facilitated workshops, consultations, and programs for hundreds of Millennials. Under his direction, Millennials learn to become their best selves by applying personal development tools such as time management, goal setting, and emotional intelligence.

“My first book was an overwhelming success and I took the feedback from my readers to birth my second book ‘The Millennial Experience: 30 Stories of Hope, Growth, and Success’.  “The readers loved the short stories and lessons from the first book so I decided to write a book full of only stories surrounding the challenges and social issues we face as Millennials.” Daniel also pointed out the significance of 30 stories, in that, his second book will be launching on his 30th birthday.

Trinidadian Author- Daniel Francis with his two book releases

Trini- Author, Daniel Francis with his two book releases

“When I wrote this book, I had many social issues in mind. Mental health, social media, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, overcoming negative conditioning and the list goes on and on.” The book will put a spotlight on some topics that its audience will find insightful and transformative and will be available for local purchase and via Amazon.

Daniel has also partnered with the local printer Office Authority. “From this partnership, I am able to take orders and deliver copies of my book directly to my local customers easily and seamlessly,” he added.

The book will be made available to the public from April 15th and is currently open for pre-orders until then. He has even partnered with local brands such as Ferreira Optical and Nestle Nutri Go to offer a prize to a lucky person who purchases his book in the month of April. Daniel has his eyes firmly fixed on his book launch and cannot wait for readers to dig into it.

The Millennial Experience: 30 Stories of Hope, Growth, and Success is available for pre-order on his website here and on Amazon. You can also place an order directly via Daniel Martin Francis or Rebitlimited on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook for all updates.

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