Jamaica’s Peter Ivey & Andrew Blake Coronavirus Children’s Book

Author(s): Peter Ivey

 You can always gain something good from even the worst situations. This old saying was proven once again to be true when two best friends for over twenty-five years recently launched their brand new children’s book ‘Coronavirus: Get Outta Here’.

This brain child of two Jamaicans, Author/ Writer Peter Ivey and Illustrator Andrew Blake, was birthed during this global pandemic as the two entrepreneurs who are also both fathers of 9 year old boys were faced with the issue of educating their sons about the coronavirus.

The objective of the book is to assist parents who are also dealing with the same challenge to find an easier solution to educate their kids. The book is tailored to help boys and girls, ages 6 to 12 years old to understand ‘COVID-19’. For example, what it is, how they can protect themselves and how to manage the difficult emotions around the uncertainty created by information and misinformation circulating about the pandemic.

Author Peter Ivey & Illustrator Andrew Blake


In a Facebook post recently, Peter wrote:

‘If someone had told me before all of this that Andrew and I would have created one of the very first children’s books about Coronavirus I would not have believed it. In times of uncertainty we have managed to add author and illustrator to our lists of accomplishments but MOST of all aide in the support of families all over the world. We are proud of our little book. Thank you to all those who supported us when it dropped. Every dime is going to help support those most affected by the crisis.’

 The book is available for free right here and if you will like to contact the duo, feel free to connect with them via email at

Outside of making their much needed social entrepreneurial contributions Peter Ivey is also the CEO of the award winning and highly acclaimed culinary edutainment company ‘The Reggae Chefs’ and the Founder of the hunger charity ‘Mission:FoodPossible’, which was dubbed by Forbes magazine as the possible answer to the world-hunger crisis. Andrew Blake, a natural artiste has been creating art in one form or another since he was able to grasp a pencil. From graphic designs to animation, illustrations and more, he has been the genius and creative force behind the logos for an array of local and international companies and organizations.

We at Caribbean Entertainment Hub will like to encourage parents to take a read with their kids, and we also would like to congratulate both Peter and Andrew on this initiative and wish them both continued success in their future endeavours.

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