Award-winning Jamaican Reggae Sensation Blessed: New EP Of Conscious Music

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Toronto, Ontario (Sonique Solutions) – Award-winning Jamaican Reggae sensation Blessed has been echoing in the consciences of the music-loving masses with his song ‘Black Man’. The Toronto-based artiste has been enlightening listeners with this uplifting offering which is the lead single off his recently released EP, ‘New to You’.

Black Man was written by Blessed and produced by Jumpshot Records.

The single was inspired by the 2020 murder of George Floyd, tackles issues such as black-on-black crime and seeks to effect positive change as well as dispel several falsehoods which have lingered around society’s fabric for generations.

According to Blessed, “The track Black Man is a call to all black men to unite against the forces that are destroying us. It’s a call to stop killing each other and to recognize why others feel justified killing and mistreating us. It’s a reminder that our history doesn’t start at slavery! It ultimately aims to boost the self-esteem of all black people.”

With its melodious flow and expressive lyrics, Black Man has resonated within the public psyche and has already amassed over 100,000 streams on Spotify, with its accompanying music video racking up over 50,000 streams on the Reggaeville YouTube channel. The song is nominated for a Juno Award (Canada’s equivalent of a Grammy Award) in the Best Reggae Recording category and has generated immense anticipation for Blessed’s newly released EP ‘New to You’.

The nine-track EP, ‘New to You’ is a collection of conscious and uplifting songs which tell a story from first track to last. It provides a platform where both entertaining and inspirational musical material co-exists in unique harmony.

New to You explores different dimensions of the Reggae & Dancehall experience and features dynamic collaborations with industry heavy-hitters such as roots Reggae stalwart Bushman who joins Blessed on the ‘Black Man Remix’ and Grammy-winning producer Walshy Fire (of Major Lazer fame) who teams up with him for the tracks ‘Money Dont Grow Pon Trees’ & ‘Herb Dream’.

Also featured on New to You is the song ‘The Question’ which was produced by Jah Waxman and was mixed & mastered at the famous Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica.

Though humble and hard-working Blessed is quite accomplished and renowned in his field.

He is a two-time Juno and Urban Music Association of Canada Award winner and in 2017 was the recipient of a JunCtian Award of Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award.Even with all the accolades throughout his 20-year professional music journey which also includes several major Caribbean and North-American festival performances and numerous dub-plate requests from international DJs, Blessed remains steadfast in his goal to be a positive example for other artistes and the younger generation to follow.

Armed with the fresh new EP ‘New to You’, Blessed continues to make his mark in Reggae music and shared this encouraging message, “In these unpredictable times stay strong, help wherever help is needed and live in love knowing we are all a part of the Human Family. Please continue to support Reggae Music!”

‘New to You’ is distributed by Zojak Records and is available now on all streaming platforms and on

Follow Blessed on Instagram @blessedb3 YouTube @BLESSEDFRTO

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