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Caribbean Entertainment Hub is owned, managed, and staffed by Caribbean nationals. We are dedicated to the promotion of the Caribbean and West Indian culture throughout the diaspora and the world. Our mission is to be a One-Stop for Caribbean Entertainment
Towards this end, we provide a platform wherein producers, creators, owners, and entertainers of our culture can advertise and promote their craft.

You do not have to register to access the website’s content. However, registration is required to post an advertisement or to leave a review or comment.

To advertise an event, movie, restaurant, etc. on our site

  1. One must register as an advertiser and log in.
  2. Create a poster or image of the event, nightclub, book, etc. to upload.
  3. Fill out the submission form providing all the required information. If you have a youtube video, you can enter its youtube_id in the provided field.

Once successfully submitted, your post will the checked to ensure it meets our standard, upon which it will be published.

With your uploaded post, you now have a unique webpage for your item with its own web address which you can use to advertise and promote your item.

Caribbean Entertainmenthub offers 3 levels of promotion:

  1.  A basic do-it-your-self tier. This is free and allows you to upload 1 photo and an item description of up to 350 words.
  2. A premium tier. This will give you a more professional webpage and is suggested for items like nightclubs, etc. Since this requires our direct involvement there is a small fee that will depend on your requirements.
  3. A Featured tier. For a small fee, we will feature your item on our website so that it can be seen first on the appropriate website page.

Before using our platform please read our terms & conditions and our privacy security.

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